Pre-Order your Joyce Farm Turkeys for Thanksgiving!

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Heritage Black Turkeys

“Our Heritage Black Turkey is an old breed, one of the first to be developed from Native American stocks. We raise these special birds on a small family farm in North Carolina and process them by hand in our own plant, where they are also air-chilled to preserve flavor, tenderness and perfect texture.”

Item #66660
16 lb. up – 2 hd per case
$5.75 per lb.




All-Natural Turkeys

“Joyce Farms All-Natural Turkeys are different than the mass-produced, factory-farmed turkeys found in most supermarkets today. They are grown for superior culinary attributes and a high-quality eating experience. We are proud to say that many chefs of four and five star restaurants feature Joyce Farms All-Natural Turkeys exclusively for their holiday menus.”

Item #00382: 10-14 lb.- 4 hd per case
Item #01029: 20-24 lb.- 2 hd per case
$3.75 per lb.



Pre Order Only!  Tuesday, October 1st is the deadline.  No turkey orders will be taken for Joyce Farms after this date.

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The Butchery Specials for June!

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The Temperature is Going Up and the Prices are Going Down, So Get it While its Hot!!



Butchery Brand Bratwurst

Item 42000-40/4 oz case

$29.95 per case







Prime Beef Tenderloin

Item 05464-5 lb Up Avg.

$13.99 per lb Each







Freedom Run Farms Lamb Foreshanks

Item 62514 – 4 ct. case

$6,95 per lb









Freedom Run Farms Lamb Sliders

Item 49980-60/2 oz 

$60 per case ($1.00 each)






Butchery Brand Mexican Chorizo Links

Item 00717-40/4 oz 

$29.95 per case








Creekstone Farms Chef Table Select Lipon Ribeyes

Item 00161-5/12 lb case 

$7.59 per lb





Steak Ready Center Cut Beef Striploins

Item 04467-5-6 lb case

$10.99 per lb







All Center Cut Choice Strips

Butchery Brand Only 

Item 00615-12/10 oz

Item 00616-10 oz each

Item 00618-12 oz each

Item 01067-14/12 oz

Item 01069-14/14 oz

Item 05631-16 oz each

Item 05633-6 oz Each

All $13.99 per lb




Beef Banquet Filets

Item 01110-30/6 oz case

Item 01111 – 30/7 oz case

$18.95 per lb




Item of the Day – Black Hawk Farms Top Sirloin

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Black Hawk Farms

Top Sirloin Baseball Cut


Item 99963 – 20/8 oz case

100% Local Kentucky Proud Beef from Black Hawk Meats.   What Chefs Want is the exclusive distributor of Black Hawk.   Grass fed and grain finished on average 6-8 months in Kentucky.  No added hormones or antibiotics. Born, raised (grazed), finished and processed all in a 24 mile radius in Princeton, KY.

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Meat Specials for Derby and Mother’s Day

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55361-2/5# Black Hawk Ground Fresh-$37.50 CASE



99963-20/8oz Black Hawk Baseball Cut Sirloins-$13.25 LB






05591-Grass Fed Trimmed Beef Tenderloin Each-$17.95 LB Antibiotic and Hormone Free




00417-10/2ct 1.5″ Border Springs Lamb Loin Chops-$19.95 LB




05572-10/16oz Choice Bone In Strips-$14.95 LB





30105-4/5lb 6-8oz Koch Airline Chicken Breast(Frozen)-$4.95 LB




00201-40 Day Dry Aged Prime Bone In Striploin-$14.40 LB


32616-Custom Cut to Chef’s Specifications-$16.40 LB



05495-40 Day Dry Aged Prime Bone In Export Ribeyes-$17.50 LB






32615-Custom Cut to Chef’s Specifications-$18.50 LB



06416-Whole Frenched Berkshire Pork Rack 7lb Avg.-$9.95lb








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