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Lenten Items

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A few items for your Lent menus:



Cod Loins (6 oz)

Item 48330 – 10 lb case









Crinkle Cut Fries

Item 07021 – 6/5 lb case








Cole Slaw Mix

Item 20111 – 5 lb bag















Cole Slaw Dressing

Item 21697 – 1 Gallon
















Marble Rye Bread

Item 14735 – 6/21 slice case








Weisenberger Fish Batter Mix

Item 96662 – 5 lb. bag
















Tartar Sauce

Item 21705 – 1 Gallon

Item 21704 – 4/1 Gallon Case














Panko Breaded Onion Rings

Item 19394 – 12/2 lb. case













Breaded Popcorn Shrimp

Item 48602 – 12 lb. case









Coconut Breaded Shrimp

Item 48601 – 12 lb. case









Breaded Clam Strips

Item 48319 – 6 lb. case













Oregon Rockfish Fillets

Item 98719 – per lb.


Extraordinary Produce!

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Now available!



Item 19377 – 52 count case















Item 10982 – Each










Buddha Hand Citron

Item 20977












Cara Cara Oranges

Item 10550














Blood Oranges

Item 10535 – 18 lb. case















Item 10979












Satsuma Mandarins

Item 10543 – 18-22 lb case
















Meyer Lemons

Item 10511 – 10 lb. case















Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes)

Item 20538 









Romanesco Cauliflower

Item 20974 – 12/16 ct. case










White Asparagus

Item 20008 – 11 lb. case











Item 10970 –  10 lb. case
















Item 20929 – 10 lb case












Check out Krey’s Corner for up to date seafood specials:




Item of the Day – North Country Smokehouse Applewood Bacon

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North Country

Applewood Smoked

Sliced Bacon

16-18 count sliced applewood smoked bacon from North Country Smokehouse of Claremont, New Hampshire.

The slabs are marinated for days in dark maple syrup brine and double smoked to create hearty, thick-cut bacon that’s more boldly flavorful than you’d expect. We applewood smoke our bacon at low temperatures lazily. As a featured ingredient in a savory signature dish or crisply seared on its own, our bacon is some of the best you’ll ever try.

Item 00778 – 10 lb. case

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Produce Market Report

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February 21, 2020

Tomatoes: Up again this week.  Roma’s especially high.   Short supplies

Potatoes: Remain High.  Large sizes higher.

Lettuces: Steady

Cauliflower: Steady

Broccoli: Steady

Grapes: Down $4

Strawberries: Steady

Melons: Steady

Lemons: Up $3-4

Squash: Remains active.  Yellow higher

Peppers: Steady

Onions: Steady.  

Celery: Steady

Apples: Steady

Cucumbers: Up $3-4

Limes: Steady

Avocados: Up again $8



Produce Alliance – Helpful Resources



Weekend Seafood Specials!

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Check out our available seafood selections available for this weekend!




Snowy Grouper

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Item 71239 Whole 5-12 lb









Red Snapper


Item 71271 Whole 4-8 lb avg














Item 48064









Golden Tile

Ponce Inlet, Florida

Item 71158 – Whole 10-20 lb avg

Item 04134 – Whole 2-4 lb avg














Gulf of Mexico

Item 48049 Whole 10-20 lb avg

Item 48046 Fillet














Item 48034 Whole 4-6 lb avg










Mahi Mahi


Item 48064 – Whole (H&G) 15-30 lb avg

Item 48060 – Fillet








Wild Red Drum


Cast net caught in the Bayou! 

Item 18385 – 4- 6 lb. avg.

Item 18386 – Fillet







Ponce Inlet, Florida

Item 71219
















Blue Lingcod Fillet

Vancouver Island, BC


Item 04236









Miyagi Oysters

Washington’s Puget Sound

Item 49183 – 60 count bag 







Latest Fresh Seafood Price List:


What Chefs Want Fresh Seafood 2 20 20


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