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Your Trusted Partner in Nourishing Minds and Bodies!

What Chefs Want — we are your dedicated partner for school nutrition in KY, OH, IN, IL, CO, TN, FL, and GA. With a focus on fresh, locally-sourced produce and a tailored selection of nutritional offerings, we are committed to nourishing minds and bodies. As experienced school food suppliers, we understand and meet the unique needs of educational environments, providing reliable and appealing options for students.

Broad Selection

Our wide selection is designed to perfectly fit schools’ needs. We offer products in the formats and serving sizes that schools require, including convenient bulk options. It’s our way of making life simpler for schools, ensuring you have what you need without any hassle.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program

As your produce partner, we go beyond supply to join your Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program. Understanding the importance of budget-conscious menu planning, our experienced team collaborates closely, creating a customized plan with unique and specialty produce. Our commitment extends to making fruits and vegetables an engaging and enjoyable part of promoting lifelong healthy eating.

Local Produce

We partner with local farmers to bring you the best of seasonal local produce. By supporting local farmers and emphasizing education, we strive to create an enriching experience for students, fostering a connection to the community, and encouraging sustainable food practices.

Speciality Produce

We offer a carefully curated selection of fruits and vegetables designed for educational environments, prioritizing nutritional value and freshness. From vibrant, seasonal produce to a diverse array, our offerings are selected to satisfy children and promote healthy eating habits.

Experienced in Schools

With years of dedicated experience as a trusted produce supplier to schools, we bring a wealth of expertise to nourish the minds and bodies of students. Our longstanding commitment to providing high-quality, fresh produce has positioned us as a reliable partner for educational institutions. 

Understanding School Needs

As a premier produce supplier, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the unique needs of schools. Recognizing the importance of providing nutritious and appealing options for students, we have tailored our services to align seamlessly with the demands of educational environments.  


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