Local Food Connection

Farmers Produce. Chefs Create. We Connect.

What Chefs Want’s Local Food Connection program is the foremost distribution solution for those who want to know where their food comes from – and to share the stories behind it. We offer a platform of solutions so that our customers can choose the very best products to meet their own definitions and needs for local by state, by location, by farm type, by growing practice, or by story. We were founded as a stand-alone food hub with a mission to build long-term growth for small and mid-sized farms and artisans. We’re a resource, a solution, and a partner to those who care about building small food systems together in a way that meets the real needs of a bigger distribution world.

Creating a System that Serves Both Local Food Producers & Buyers


We provide extra support for small/medium-sized farms, artisans, and special interest/minority groups, like veterans. We help customers align with their values through mindful sourcing assistance.


We train farms and artisans for growth in distribution. We assist customers in planning for and finding unique local products effectively. 

Traceable & Transparent

Our producers stay connected to where their food goes and how it’s used. We ensure buyers know where and by whom their food is sourced, so they can share with their restaurant patrons.

Easily Find Local Products

You can easily find local products by searching the word LOCAL, checking out our Fresh Picks list or by using the filters in our ordering platform.

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