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Simplify your culinary operations with What Chefs Want’s Staples service. We understand the importance of efficient inventory management. That’s why we offer a seamless solution for ordering everyday essentials as you need them, allowing you to free up valuable shelf space and focus on creating exceptional dishes. From gloves and food storage supplies to dairy, beverages, and an extensive range of items, we’re here to support your kitchen needs every step of the way.

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We are here to save the day when you are missing a kitchen staple.

Products You Need on Demand

No need to store the staples. Order items as you need and save your space.

Less Waste

Purchase smaller quantities or by the case eliminating waste and saving money


Beans & Legumes

Canned & Jarred Goods

Dressings & Condiments

Flour & Sugar

Grains & Rice

Spices, Salts & Dried Herbs

Pasta & Noodles

Nuts & Seeds

Breads, Rolls & Pastries


Hen of the Woods

At Hen of the Woods, the pursuit of balance, texture, and the finest ingredients is evident in their Kettle Chip creation. With a commitment to culinary excellence, they cut potatoes a bit thicker for enhanced texture and ensure that all six flavors are Gluten-Free and certified Kosher, providing a quality snacking experience.

Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company is dedicated to producing high-quality, minimally processed juice, using human hands to select the finest fruits and vegetables and crafting each order in small batches. Their commitment to uncompromising quality and transparency is reflected in the minimal ingredients, absence of preservatives, artificial ingredients, and GMOs, ensuring optimal health in every bottle of Natalie’s juice.

Woodland Foods

Woodland Foods is dedicated to culinary innovation, ethically sourcing 1,600 unique ingredients, and providing authentic products to customers through strategic sourcing, maintaining the highest standards in food safety and quality. Their mission centers on delivering unrivaled variety and unique value, bringing the very best of the culinary world to their customers.

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