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The freshest dock-to-dish experience

At What Chefs Want, our Boat Direct program provides a unique seafood experience that chefs love. Our dedicated fishmongers handpick the freshest catches directly from the source, ensuring top-quality fish desired by chefs. Boat Direct not only offers exceptional products but also connects you with the stories behind the fish and harvesting boats. With fishmongers in Florida and Alaska, we are committed to bringing you the best catches directly from the waters, creating a culinary experience of quality and care. 

Hand-picked for You

Our fishmongers watch the fishing boats as they come in and meet them directly at the dock. For you that means first dibs on the best quality, most interesting catch of the day.  


We can process and overnight these fish directly to our hubs, getting them into your hands less than 48 hours after they’ve been pulled out of the water. 

Variety & Quality

Beyond giving us access to your standard salmon and halibut, we also get access to a wide variety of lesser known but equally delicious options like more than 50 varieties of rockfish, lingcod and many many more.  

Supporting Individual Fishermen

We actively support small-scale fishing operations. By sourcing directly from local fishermen, we contribute to the livelihoods of these dedicated individuals while ensuring you receive the freshest and finest catches available.

Focused on Sustainability

We embrace fishing operations with sustainable fishing practices such as line-caught and spear-caught fish to preserve marine resources. 


Kelly Probst

Kelly Probst, a seasoned industry expert with a commitment to excellence, discovered his passion for fish after a decade in the banking industry. Armed with a master’s degree in aquaculture and aquatic science, Kelly collaborated on a USDA grant connecting local fish farmers and high-end chefs. His journey led him to Florida, where he built relationships with local fishermen, introduced chefs to underutilized fish species, and eventually joined forces with What Chefs Want to provide chefs with the finest, most sustainable, and freshest seafood across the East Coast and Gulf. 

Jeremy Abena

Jeremy Abena, born and raised on Kodiak Island in a family deeply rooted in fishing, transitioned from a marketing career in San Francisco to become a dedicated deckhand on his father’s boats in Dutch Harbor. With over a million pounds of fish caught, Jeremy’s passion for fishing and commitment to quality make him a valuable member of What Chefs Want, ensuring chefs receive the finest catches from a seasoned industry expert. 

“It matters what fish we choose. It matters how much we catch and how we catch it. It matters what we do. It’s worth it to care.“

Kelly Probst


James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch Program 

We proudly offer sustainable seafood choices to our customers, supporting environmentally-responsible fishing and farming practices. Our partnership with the James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch Program ensures that our chefs are trained to serve seafood in ways that promote sustainability. By becoming a Smart Catch Leader and earning the Smart Catch seal, our chefs provide consumers with an easy way to identify and support responsible dining choices. This educational program, designed by chefs for chefs, focuses on preserving marine life, maintaining healthy fishing stocks, and promoting sustainable options. Through Smart Catch, our chefs use their influence to lead the industry in maintaining a stable and ethical seafood supply chain. Some examples of our sustainable seafood offerings include Laguna Blanca Salmon, Silver Streak Striped Bass, Copper Shoals Red Fish, and more. Together, we are making a positive impact on the environment and ensuring a better future for our food sources and generations to come. 

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