In a recent Nashville Restaurant Radio podcast interview, our very own Kelly Probst, Director of Seafood Purchasing at What Chefs Want, opens up about the ins and outs of bringing the freshest seafood from ocean to table. This must-listen podcast isn’t just for the Nashville area. Kelly covers a wide range of topics – from the logistics of transporting fresh halibut from the cold waters of Alaska directly to restaurants, to personal anecdotes about walking the docks in Florida and even encounters with sharks while surfing. The main focus, however, is the dedication and care we put into our Boat Direct program, ensuring that chefs across the nation receive the freshest seafood and the excitement around the start of HALIBUT SEASON!

Kelly shares stories that highlight the hard work and challenges involved in maintaining the freshness and quality of our seafood. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at our operations, from selecting the right fish on the docks to the relationships we’ve built with fishermen, and the effort we put into sustainable fishing. Kelly’s experiences, from personal hurdles to adventures at sea, paint a vivid picture of the commitment we have to our mission.

This podcast is straight talk from us at What Chefs Want about our passion for seafood and respect for nature. Kelly discusses the importance of treating fish with care to ensure it remains fresh until it reaches our chefs. It’s an insight into how we navigate the complex seafood supply chain, always with a focus on sustainability and quality.

Listen to the full episode below!

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Ready to order the fresh Alaskan halibut Kelly was talking about? We should have it in house by March 19th and ready to order! Check our ordering system and app on the 19th and beyond for these item numbers:

  • 28473 – 10/20 halibut
  • 28474 – 20/40 halibut
  • 28475 – 40/60 halibut
  • 04585 – Halibut fillet skin on
  • 48056 – Halibut fillet skinless