Don’t forget these items for Easter!

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Spiral Sliced Ham Halves

Item 00447

6/5-9 lb. avg. case

Non GMO Free-Range Eggs

Item 80005

15 dozen box

Broadbent Country Ham

Item 95033

8 lb. avg.

Ghyslain Vive Color Macarons

Item 95776

150 count case

New Zealand Lamb Rack

Item 00407

14/16 oz. – 20 lb. case

Joyce Farms Poulet Rouge Chicken

Item 00847

6/3 lb. case

Capriole Farms Tea Rose Goat Cheese

Item 91921

6 oz. each

Libby’s Carrot Cake

Item 16664

2/16 slice case

English Peas

Item 20921

25 lb. case

Gifford’s Hickory Smoked Bacon Slabs

Item 18519

10 lb. avg.

White Asparagus

Item 20008

11 lb. case

Ora King Salmon

Item 48086 – Whole

Item 48083 – Fillets

Item of the Day: Chelsey’s Gourmet Pasture Eggs

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Chelsey’s Gourmet Pasture Eggs

Featuring a bright, rich yolk, you will enjoy Chelsey’s Gourmet Pasture Eggs that are lower in cholesterol and higher in Beta Carotene and Omega 3.

Chelsey’s Eggs are from free ranging pastured hens. The hens are rotated on fresh pastures to provide you with an exceptional egg with a deep bright yolk as a result of their natural foraging habits outside. The barn and pastures are secured by predator-proof fencing, and pasture area greatly exceeds the requirement for the label “pasture” provided by the USDA, with a maximum distance of 400 feet for the hens to walk to graze forages. This arrangement makes the forages easily accessible to the hens.

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Item 80005 – 15 dozen
Item 80001 – 1 dozen

Item of the Day: New Zealand 4 Rib Lamb Racks

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New Zealand 4 Rib Lamb Racks

Ovation Chef Ready 4-bone Frenched lamb racks are top quality lamb racks that are pre-cut (in half) into ready-to-roast portions – each a luxurious single serving.

Lamb racks are the most prized lamb cut – in fact widely considered one of the most elegant meat cuts available. They are known for their succulent, tender meat, delicious flavor, and elegant bone-in presentation whether served whole, as portions, or chops. Before being cut in half into 4-bone portions, these racks have been expertly Frenched (their bones are cleaned of meat & membranes), and the meat’s ends squared off, for a presentation worthy of the best fine dining restaurants.

Item 54896 – 25 lbs. frozen case