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The finest dairy options for your kitchen

From dairy staples to specialty and local cheeses, we offer a vast selection that empowers your kitchen creativity, giving you flexibility across hundreds of dairy items locally or globally, in the quantities and format, you prefer. Whether you’re whipping up a classic recipe or venturing into uncharted culinary territories, our Dairy, Eggs, and Cheese offerings ensure that your kitchen has the resources to transform every meal into an unforgettable experience. 


From standards like milk and eggs to hard-to-find imported gourmet cheeses, we have what you are looking for. Our dairy selections boast variety within every subcategory, ensuring you’ll find exactly what you need.

Global & Local Options

Our offerings include a blend of world-class culinary finds along with our local favorites. We make it easy to find the best local dairy options for you, with options for local milk, cheese and eggs in many regions.  


We don’t just sell these items, we celebrate them. Our experts are here to guide you through tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and the stories behind our products 


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Learn more about our Local Food Connection program – connecting you with the best local dairy items to help you showcase the flavors of your region.

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Other Dairy



BelGioioso maintains a commitment to tradition and excellence in crafting Italian cheeses, using recipes passed down through generations and upholding a passion for quality that has endured with the company’s growth. The cardinal pillars of tradition, ingredient selection, location, and artisan inspiration distinguish BelGioioso cheesemakers as premier interpreters of the finest Italian cheeses in the United States.

Great Lakes Cheese Company

Great Lakes Cheese is an award-winning, premier manufacturer and packager of natural and processed bulk, shredded, and sliced cheeses. Great Lakes Cheese has won nearly 40 Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in the last 5 years at the World, U.S. and New York State Fair championships.

Snowville Creamery

Snowville Creamery prioritizes regenerative and sustainable methods, sourcing milk from local farmers who avoid GMOs, artificial hormones, and environmental pollutants in raising their cows. Offering a range of products, including milk, cheese, cream, and cultured items, Snowville Creamery’s commitment to quality is reflected in their extraordinary milk from grass-grazed cows, now even improved with a focus on non-GMO feed and forage.

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