Item of the Day: Clovis Whole Grain Mustard

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Clovis Whole Grain Mustard

Clovis Whole Grain Mustard has a grainy texture that is perfect with red meat or as a spread on deli sandwiches and burgers. Also great as a seasoning for hot sauces. The perfect condiment for grilling season 


Item 95213 – 12/7oz Case

Item of the Day: Salmon Bratwurst

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Salmon Bratwurst

From Shuckman’s Fish Co. & Smokery – “Since we began in 1919, we have taken great pride in the high quality of the products we offer, and we prepare our gourmet smoked fish and caviar to the level of quality our customers have come to expect.”

Ingredients: salmon, sugar, salt, spices, rice flour.

Links are 5 per lb.

Item 95045 – 8-9LB Case

Item of the Day: Gourmet Gluten Free Buns

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Gourmet Gluten Free Buns

Udi’s Gluten Free Hamburger Buns are dairy-free, soy-free and nut-free – so you can feel good about this gourmet favorite. Customers won’t have to skip the bun again! These soft, golden buns are perfect for to have on hand for grilling season. 

Item 90719 – 32CT Case

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Colorado Lamb Ravioli

Roasted Colorado Spring Lamb, Yukon gold potatoes, and fresh rosemary wrapped in tender sheets of Montana durum wheat and fresh egg pasta.

Try it in a rich cream sauce or hearty marinara.

Now available to all customers.

Item 90916

Pack Size: 120 ct. case

This product is frozen

Item of the Day: Chilean Sea Bass Portions

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Chilean Sea Bass Portions

Did you know that before 1977 Chilean Seabass was known as Patagonian Toothfish? Marketers changed the name to make it more appealing, and gourmands learned that this white, flaky Codfish is delicious no matter what it’s called. Because of its high oil content, Chilean Seabass is versatile in the kitchen and remains one of the healthiest options for seafood. Wixter’s Chilean Seabass is exclusively sourced from producers that meet the highest international sustainability standards, this is extremely important for preserving wild stock of this deep-sea delicacy, which is caught along the continental shelves in the southern oceans.

In the bag: (2) 6 oz. Boneless, Skinless Case Pack Size: 12 x 12 oz. bag for 9 lb. case Country of Origin: USA Harvest Location: FAO Area 48 (Atlantic, Antarctic) Harvest Method: Wild Caught – Longline MSC Certification

Item 24132 – 9 lb. frozen case

Item of the Day: Knuckle and Claw Lobster Meat

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Knuckle and Claw Lobster Meat

The claw and knuckle meat are steam-cooked, immediately cooled, and then extracted from the shell. Throughout this process, the meat is inspected for quality and then weighed into two-pound bags. After packaging, the bags are frozen using a blast freezing method. Ready for turning into lobster rolls, lobster crepes, lobster pot pies, lobster salads and any other creation you can think of!

Item 48408 – 6/2 lb. frozen case

Item of the Day: Hamachi Loin

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Katsu Hamachi Loin

Crane Bay Hamachi’s high fat content and superior flavor wonderfully adds to light dishes such as Hamachi Crudo and Hamachi Poké.

Harvested only during cold winter months to ensure high fat content and processed with 100% tasteless smoke by Hinoki wood to keep its original flavor. Each Hamachi Loin case contains both top loin andbelly loin, providing premium cuts of the entire fillet for more specialized menus.

Item 48527 – 11 lb. frozen case

Item 48526 – 1.5 lb. avg. frozen