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What Chefs Want is your go-to destination for a wide range of fresh daily seafood offerings We source sought-after species from Hawaii, Florida, Alaska, the Gulf, and beyond, establishing direct connections with the fishing docks and experts to hand-pick the best catch. Purchase whole fish or expertly hand-cut selections. Whether you crave delicate Pacific flavors or robust Atlantic richness, our experts are here to assist you. Discover the finest seafood selection, perfectly suited for your culinary needs. 

Sourced With Care

We purchase daily, directly from boats around the world including our own purchasers buying directly from East Florida docks. What Chefs Want acquired seafood companies and docks from coastal Georgia to Alaska. Fish are delivered to us by truck or plane within 24 hours from the dock. We source from countries including New Zealand, Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama, Canada, Scotland, Iceland, Australia, Costa Rica, Chile and the USA.

Safe & Sustainable

We strive to purchase from docks and farms that are approved by BAP, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Ocean Wise and JBF SmartCatch. Our reusable blue totes decrease waste in your kitchen and increase sustainability. We ensure our Seafood managers on staff are HACCP certified. Read more about our food safety here.  


With a wide variety across each category and regions, we can provide you with the convenience of daily delivery with the selection you want. Work with our experienced team and they can help source exactly what you are looking for.  


We know seafood. Our team has over 35 years in the seafood industry and our management team has over 140 cumulative years of experience. We have an inside chef available to our customers from 7 am to 9 pm who can promptly inspect orders and provide answers to any inquiries about our products. 

Custom Cut to Order

Our teams of cutters custom cut fillets, sides and portions 7 days a week. We have state-of-the-art equipment including fish scalers, skinners, vac pacs and ozone machines to ensure top quality cuts.  


We are one of the first seafood companies in the industry to use ozonated water to kill bacteria and give fish a longer shelf life. Our efficient plants allow us to have a smaller inventory that is turned every three days.  


Boat Direct

We are walking the docks, hand-picking the finest and freshest catch to deliver directly to you. Learn More   

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Prep Kitchen Saves You Time

Learn more about our cutting-edge technology to save you time without sacrificing quality.

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Fresh Shellfish

Freshwater Fish

Saltwater Fish


Octopus & Squid


Laguna Blanca Patagonian Premium Salmon

Laguna Blanca’s salmon, cultivated in the pristine environment of Patagonia, stands as a testament to the natural beauty and purity of the region, where glacial waters contribute to some of the world’s purest salmon. Raised without antibiotics in the remote and pollution-free surroundings, their salmon reflects a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the environment and ensuring high-quality produce.


Riverence steelhead offers more than just great taste and texture, being recognized as a Monterey Bay Seafood Watch “Best Choice” green option. Their fish, raised with a focus on responsible aquaculture, adhere to stringent standards such as no genetic engineering, growth hormones, preventative antibiotics, bycatch or escapes, microplastics, and boast minimal environmental impact, ensuring high quality and sustainability from egg to plate.

Twin Tails Seafood Corporation

Since 1993, Twin Tails Seafood Corporation has been a leading producer of BOSS Brand Fresh Venezuelan Blue crab meat, maintaining a commitment to consistent high quality and excellence. Their offerings, including Sushi Grade Yellowfin Tuna Steaks, Saku Blocks, Loins, Snapper Fillets, Mahi Portions, Golden Corvina Filets, Spanish Octopus, and South American White Shrimp, meet stringent safety and quality standards under HACCP, EU, and BRC regulations, ensuring top-quality assurance worldwide.

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