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What Chefs Want — where culinary excellence meets the freshest bounty from around the globe. As a premier supplier of both local and global produce, we take immense pride in offering over 600 produce items, from the everyday to the exotic. Our unwavering commitment to food safety is reflected in our rigorous adherence to the highest standards set by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. FDA, Certification for Good Handling Practices, and Good Agricultural Practices. We are honored to be a valued member of the Product Alliance, the world’s largest produce buying group, enabling us to curate the finest and most diverse selection of fruits and vegetables for your establishment.

Broad Selection

From A to Z – Apples to Zucchini – we have you covered with everything you need.

Experts in Produce

Our produce purchasing team has years of experience buying produce locally and globally to ensure the best product at the best price.

Broken Case Availability

We allow you to purchase smaller quantities, even on specialty produce items, helping you save money and reduce food waste while also giving you the opportunity to experiment with and try new produce items on your menu.

Speciality Produce

We love providing you with unique and interesting produce to diversify your menus. Items like Pomelo, Gooseberries, Specialty Mushrooms and Potatoes, Kohlrabi, Lotus Root, Salsify and many more.

Local Produce

We partner with local farmers in every region we service to bring you the best of seasonal local produce. Learn more about Local Food Connection here.

Optimized Sourcing & Shipping

Our consolidation points ensure that we can deliver fresher products more frequently with consistent availability and at a lower cost to you.


Buy Local

Learn more about our Local Food Connection program – connecting you with the best local produce to help you showcase the flavors of your region.

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Prep Kitchen Saves You Time

Learn more about our cutting-edge technology to save you time without sacrificing quality.

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Tropical Fruit

Stone Fruit

Pome Fruits

Leafy Greens


Root Vegetables


Herbs and Edible Flowers




We’ve been growing together for 130 years. As a cooperative. As a community. As Farmers, Family and People. Growing citrus our way. Together.

Tanimura & Antle

We grow our fresh lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, onions and other vegetables in the optimal growing environment for the season. Rooted in innovation, grown with 100 years of farming legacy

Classic Fruit Company

The Classic Fruit family is a dedicated group of experienced individuals determined to provide our customers with melons of only the highest quality throughout the United States and Canada.

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