We take pride in offering an extensive selection of top-quality meats to satisfy even the most discerning chefs. Our commitment to excellence begins with our skilled team of buyers and butchers, who bring years of experience to our USDA inspected butchery. With their expertise, we are able to provide custom cuts that cater to your specific preferences. In our pursuit of delivering nothing but the finest meats, we collaborate with exclusive vendors who share our passion for exceptional quality. This allows us to bring you the best of the best, including locally sourced offerings that showcase the unique flavors of our regions. From classic cuts to specialty options, we have What Chefs Want.  

USDA Inspected Butchery

Our 3 USDA inspected butcheries operate two shifts daily to provide greater access to custom cut items with a later cut-off time.


From our buyers to our butchers, our meat team is comprised of industry experts with a combines 728 years of experience.  

Custom Cuts

Custom cuts are our specialty! Shop our selection of stocked and lead-time special cuts or speak with a meat guru for your own custom cut. 

Expansive Selection

We offer quality cuts for every chef in beef, pork, poultry, veal, lamb, exotic and game. Local and regional, Farm-to-Fork options available, as well as imports from all over the world. 

Aged to Perfection Beef

Our tailored aging program guarantees that every cut we offer is meticulously aged to achieve optimal quality, tenderness, and flavor, precisely suited to the specific cut of meat and customer preferences. 

Cutting Edge Technology

We’ve invested in the latest technology including a laser cutter, best-in-class patty machine, packaging equipment and more. We continuously explore new technology to enhance efficiency and support our skilled meat cutters, ensuring their expertise is amplified while preserving product integrity.


Buy Local

Learn more about our Local Food Connection program – connecting you with the best local produce to help you showcase the flavors of your region.

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Prep Kitchen Saves You Time

Learn more about our cutting-edge technology to save you time without sacrificing quality.

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Exotic & Game



Creekstone Farms

Creekstone Farms offers premium quality Black Angus beef, known for superior marbling and genetics, with all cattle USDA certified and raised in the heartland of the United States. Committed to supporting family farms and ranches, they ensure the most consistent and high-quality beef for consumers.

Black Hawk Farms

Black Hawk Farms, based in Princeton, Kentucky, specializes in slowly finishing American Wagyu beef, emphasizing optimal flavor and marbling achieved through careful stewardship of farmland and commitment to animal well-being. With control over every step from seed-to-harvest, they grow the feed, humanely process the meat locally, ensuring a high-quality product through meticulous oversight.

Joyce Farms

Joyce Farms, a family-owned company, is dedicated to producing the finest poultry, beef, and game meats, emphasizing natural and humane practices on small family farms. Their commitment to all-natural raising standards in the U.S. ensures consistently moist and flavorful meat, with a focus on sustainability, allowing animals to grow and mature naturally on an all-vegetable diet.

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