In the world of cooking, chefs constantly seek top-quality ingredients that are not only delicious but also environmentally friendly. That’s where Mariblu Shrimp, exclusively available at What Chefs Want, shines.  Offering a range of sizes and types, it’s the perfect option for chefs in search of the best shrimp. Let’s dive right in and explore what makes Mariblu stand out for both your palate and the planet.

From Hatchery to Plate: The Freshest Shrimp You’ve Ever Tasted

At What Chefs Want, we understand the importance of freshness when it comes to seafood. Our Mariblu brand shrimp is meticulously sourced and processed, ensuring you experience the freshest shrimp possible. But what sets Mariblu apart from the rest?

Phosphate-Free, Naturally Delicious

Our Mariblu Shrimp proudly maintains a 100% phosphate-free profile. By foregoing the use of phosphates, we not only preserve the natural flavors of the shrimp but also contribute to a healthier dining experience. Phosphates, when used in shrimp processing, can negatively impact the taste and texture of the shrimp. Phosphates can cause shrimp to absorb more water and potentially become mushy or spongy, so chefs often prefer the natural, firm texture of phosphate-free shrimp, especially in dishes where texture is crucial. In addition, using phosphate-free shrimp reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

What makes the phosphate-free aspect so crucial for the environment?

The use of phosphates in shrimp processing can lead to several environmental issues. Phosphate runoff from processing facilities can find its way into our waterways, causing water pollution and potentially harmful algal blooms. These environmental consequences can negatively impact marine ecosystems and the communities that depend on them. By choosing Mariblu Shrimp, you’re actively participating in the preservation of our oceans and the health of the communities that rely on them, making every bite of Mariblu shrimp an ecologically conscious choice.

A Commitment to Environmental Wellness

Mariblu Shrimp holds a prestigious 4-star BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certification, which is a testament to our unwavering commitment to responsible and sustainable aquaculture practices.

A “4-star BAP certified” designation means that a seafood product or aquaculture facility has achieved the highest level of certification from the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program. It indicates that the product meets BAP standards in four important areas: processing, farm, hatchery, and feed mill. This certification assures consumers that seafood is produced responsibly and sustainably, with a focus on environmental and social responsibility throughout the aquaculture process. It’s a strong endorsement of good practices in the industry and we take pride in offering shrimp that not only tastes amazing but also upholds our dedication to sustainable practices.

A Variety to Satisfy Every Chef for Every Need

One of the most exciting features of Mariblu Shrimp is the sheer variety it offers. As a chef, you know that having a range of options at your disposal can allow you to expand your menu and give you the creative freedom you need. With Mariblu, you can choose from various sizes, to fit your every need.

But that’s not all – whether you prefer your shrimp raw or cooked, with shells on or shell off, Mariblu has an incredible selection of options to cater to your specific menu needs. This extensive variety empowers you to explore and experiment, making every dish a unique masterpiece.

Healthier for You, Better for the Planet

Mariblu Shrimp is a win for chefs who value quality, sustainability, and flavor. With its dedication to freshness, phosphate-free purity, and sustainable practices, Mariblu Shrimp and What Chefs Want are your ideal partners in creating extraordinary dishes that are both delicious and environmentally responsible. It’s time to experience the difference for yourself. Your palate and the planet will thank you.

You can find Mariblu Shrimp exclusively at What Chefs Want. Order on the website or app.

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