Meat & Seafood Market Report

Welcome to your essential weekly update on the meat and seafood market! This space is dedicated to providing chefs with timely insights into market trends, helping you navigate the ever-changing landscape of food costs and availability. Stay informed and ahead of the curve to expertly plan your menus and maintain your restaurant’s competitive edge.



Beef Market:

The dog days of summer are upon us and the usual grilling activities have not wavered. This deep into the season, grinds and outside cuts are in high demand from consumers and are driving the market. We continue to work diligently to ensure our chefs have the best product available at the best value. There is still tremendous value in beef. Grill on!

Pork Market:

Not much change to speak of in pork. We are seeing the same overall trend continue. Things should tighten up as we move further to Labor Day and Football season. Lots of potential in ribs as we get into late July and August.

Poultry Market:

Little change in Poultry this week. Chicken availability is tight, especially when it comes to wings and tenders. Pricing should continue to remain fairly steady for a little longer.


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