Item of the Day – Thanksgiving Spices / White Peppercorns

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White Peppercorns

Item 98996 – 6 ct case

Item 97097 – 20 oz jar

White peppercorns are actually a byproduct of a black peppercorn. When mature, black peppercorns are soaked in running water and the outer layer is rubbed away, a white peppercorn with subtler flavor results. Loved by the French, these are ground and used for cream sauces and clear broths.

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Item of the Day – Derby Pie

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Derby Pie

Item 16632 – 6/9″ case

Handcrafted for over 60 years, Kern’s Derby-Pie chocolate nut pie is a true – and truly delicious – Kentucky tradition. Leaudra and Walter Kern, along with their son, created the very first Derby-Pie in 1954 at the Melrose Inn in Prospect, Kentucky, and to this day Kern’s Kitchen crafts each pie, one at a time, according to that legendary secret recipe. Premium chocolate and choice walnuts are folded into a decadent filling, then baked in a delicate crust. The result? Well, the proof is in the pie. Perfectly sweet, pleasingly rich, with a light yet sumptuous texture found only in the finest of homemade pies. After all, Kern’s Derby-Pie has been a local, artisanal product since that very first pie came out of our oven and we’ll stay that way, one pie at a time.

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