Item of the Day: New Zealand 4 Rib Lamb Racks

New Zealand 4 Rib Lamb Racks

Ovation Chef Ready 4-bone Frenched lamb racks are top quality lamb racks that are pre-cut (in half) into ready-to-roast portions – each a luxurious single serving.

Lamb racks are the most prized lamb cut – in fact widely considered one of the most elegant meat cuts available. They are known for their succulent, tender meat, delicious flavor, and elegant bone-in presentation whether served whole, as portions, or chops. Before being cut in half into 4-bone portions, these racks have been expertly Frenched (their bones are cleaned of meat & membranes), and the meat’s ends squared off, for a presentation worthy of the best fine dining restaurants.

Item 54896 – 25 lbs. frozen case