Chelsey’s Gourmet Pasture Eggs

Featuring a bright, rich yolk, you will enjoy Chelsey’s Gourmet Pasture Eggs that are lower in cholesterol and higher in Beta Carotene and Omega 3.

Chelsey’s Eggs are from free ranging pastured hens. The hens are rotated on fresh pastures to provide you with an exceptional egg with a deep bright yolk as a result of their natural foraging habits outside. The barn and pastures are secured by predator-proof fencing, and pasture area greatly exceeds the requirement for the label “pasture” provided by the USDA, with a maximum distance of 400 feet for the hens to walk to graze forages. This arrangement makes the forages easily accessible to the hens.

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Item 80005 – 15 dozen
Item 80001 – 1 dozen