Item of the Day – Select Oyster Gallons

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Select Oyster Gallons

Item 48218 – Gallon

Shucked oysters are designated according to size. Standards are the smallest classification of shucked oysters, selects are the middle size grade and counts are the largest. Shucked oysters are one of  our most popular products. Our shucked product is a wild caught Chesapeake Bay oyster where the meat is shucked from the shell.  Oysters are packed in their own liquor which is necessary for most recipes requiring oysters. Our shucked oysters are hand shucked daily and packed in gallons. Shucked oysters will have 10 -14 day refrigerated shelf life upon receipt. Selects are the middle classification of shucked oysters and are the most popular of all the sizes. Select size oysters are the most versatile size oyster that are used in most recipes. They can be stewed, fried, baked or just eaten out of the container.

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Item of the Day – Thanksgiving Spices / White Peppercorns

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White Peppercorns

Item 98996 – 6 ct case

Item 97097 – 20 oz jar

White peppercorns are actually a byproduct of a black peppercorn. When mature, black peppercorns are soaked in running water and the outer layer is rubbed away, a white peppercorn with subtler flavor results. Loved by the French, these are ground and used for cream sauces and clear broths.

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Holiday Meat Deals!

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Holiday Turkeys


Turkey – Tom Grade A

2 count case / $1.49 per lb

Item 04403






Turkey – Hen Grade A

4 count case / $1.49 per lb

Item 00393







Turkey – Breast Raw

Foil Wrapped – 2/10 lb / Market Price

Item 00843









Turkey – Roast Breast / Thigh Netted

2/10-12 lb / Market Price

Item 00897








Turkey – Whole All Natural

Fresh – 10-14 lb avg / Market Price

Item 00382

**Pre-Order!! While supplies last.  Ships on Wednesday Nov. 20

Contact Ryan Hall to pre-order at**







Holiday Hams

Ham – Sprial Berskshire

8-12 lb Case / $5.50 lb

Item 01036







Ham – Spiral Sliced Halves Frozen

5-9 lb Each / $3.15 lb

Item 00448

6/5-9 lb Case / $2.99 lb 

Item 00447













Carving Ribeyes



Creekstone Uncertified Boneless Lipon Ribeyes

13 lb Avg. Each / $7.49 lb

Item 00173

5/13 lb Avg. Case / $6.89 lb

These Creekstone Uncertified Ribeyes have the same genetics and feed that the regular Creekstone animals have, but are over 30 months of age and cannot be graded by the USDA.








Fall Flavors and Fun!

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Mixed Decorative Gourds

Item 20637
















Orange Pie Pumpkins

Item 99423
















Grade A Packer

Item 00393 












Apple Cider

Item 93701

















Pumpkin Spice Syrup

From Monin

Item 99423















Sweet Potato

Item 99848








Cinnamon Sticks

Item 97026











Drinking Chocolate

From Tcho Chocolate

Item 92147













Item 95346 – 25 lb case






Maple Bourbon Syrup

Item 97233














Dried Decorative Corn

Item 20082










Carving Pumpkins

Item 20641

Pre-Order your Joyce Farm Turkeys for Thanksgiving!

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Heritage Black Turkeys

“Our Heritage Black Turkey is an old breed, one of the first to be developed from Native American stocks. We raise these special birds on a small family farm in North Carolina and process them by hand in our own plant, where they are also air-chilled to preserve flavor, tenderness and perfect texture.”

Item #66660
16 lb. up – 2 hd per case
$5.75 per lb.




All-Natural Turkeys

“Joyce Farms All-Natural Turkeys are different than the mass-produced, factory-farmed turkeys found in most supermarkets today. They are grown for superior culinary attributes and a high-quality eating experience. We are proud to say that many chefs of four and five star restaurants feature Joyce Farms All-Natural Turkeys exclusively for their holiday menus.”

Item #00382: 10-14 lb.- 4 hd per case
Item #01029: 20-24 lb.- 2 hd per case
$3.75 per lb.



Pre Order Only!  Tuesday, October 1st is the deadline.  No turkey orders will be taken for Joyce Farms after this date.

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