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Welcome The Garden Produce of Jacksonville, FL

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Dear Customers of The Garden, 

We are pleased to announce the merger of two great family-owned companies. The Garden Produce and Creation Gardens / What Chefs Want have joined forces to soon provide you with seven challenging product lines in the Greater Jacksonville Area.     

The Garden has been providing the First Coast and Coastal Empire with the highest quality produce at the highest level of service for over 40 years.   Since 1997, What Chefs Want has grown by servicing chefs, restaurateurs, institutions, and retail operators by offering unparalleled service and product offerings.   We focus on being the experts of seven product lines, including:  USDA inspected butchered meats, a full line of fresh, cut and frozen seafood, a huge selection of gourmet items, cheeses, dairy, to-go packaging; as well as specialty and commodity produce.   These lines will soon be brought to you with daily delivery, no minimums, portioned item offerings, 24/7 customer service, and a great web and app experience. 

“Ultimately, we believe that joining the What Chefs Want family will help our customers succeed and create greater opportunity for our employees as we move forward in a world where delivery costs need to be spread over more lines.” says Matt Wasson 

Over the next week we will be reaching out to train all on-line ordering customers on the new web and app.  For everyone else, then ordering will remain the same.  Over the next few weeks we will be announcing the build out of our product production capabilities to serve you our full lines of products. 

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and want to thank you for your business! 

Matt Wasson & Jon Wasson – The Garden Produce, Inc

Mollie & Ron Turnier – Founders – What Chefs Want

One week to Cinco de Mayo!

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Cinco de Mayo is next Thursday. Prepare to add Latin flare to your specials with these great ingredients.

Tomatillo Husk On

Item 50903 – Bushel

Beef – Ground 80/20 House Brand

Item 00300 – 2/5 lb. case – Fresh

Chicken – Breast Random Bnl/Sk

Item 00911 – 40 lb. case – Fresh

Chicken – Fajita Cooked Breast Strips

Item 00906 – 10 lb. case – Frozen

Mahi Mahi – 1-3 oz. Taco Cut

Item 48364 – 10 lb. case – Frozen

Shrimp – 41/50 P&D T/off

Perfect for tacos!

Item 48763 – 5/2 lb. case – Frozen

Cheese – Queso Cotija

Item 15482 – 6/2.2 lb. case

Bean – Black Dry

Item 90309 – 25 lb. case

Bean – Pinto Dry

Item 90339 – 25 lb. case

Juice – Fresh Lime Natalie’s

Perfect for margaritas!

Item 99203 – 6/32 oz. case

Water – Topo Chico Mineral

Item 02580 – 24/11.5 oz.

Tortilla – White Corn 6″

Item 90481 – 600 ct. case

Tortilla – Flour Mija 8″

Item 06127 – 12/12 ct. case

Dried Chili – Chipotle

Item 92003 – .5 lb. bag

Spice – Chili Powder Ancho

Item 92009 – 20 oz. jar

FreshFry Pods

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FreshFry pods offer the easiest way to control your fried food quality, labor, and cost. When used daily from the start of fresh, new oil, FreshFry pods removes acids, moisture, and gummy oil polymers extending the food quality and life of your frying oil by 2-3 days.

Simply put the Pod in the fryer at the end of the shift. Let the Pod soak overnight. Remove the Pod the next day and throw in the trash.

Want to see how much money you can save by using FreshFry Pods? Head here to use FreshFry’s cost calculator.

Mother’s Day is May 8

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Mother’s Day is early this year. Be prepared for your guests celebrating Moms and be sure to order early! If you live in Kentucky remember that Derby Day and Mother’s Day are in the same weekend. Here’s just a few products that can help you craft your Mother’s Day menus.

Beef Tenderloin Choice 5 & up

Item 00089 – 65 lb case

Salmon – Verlasso Fillet

Item 20189 – 3-4 lb. fillet

Flowers – Orchid Purple Edible

Item 40404 – 50 ct. box

Lobster – Tails 8/10 oz.

Item 48424 – 10 lb. case

Ham – River Bear City Ham

Item 23053 – 10 lb. case

Cheese – Capriole Tea Rose

Item 91921 – 6 oz. wheel

Cheese – Kenny’s KY Rose

Item 91926 – 8 lb. wheel

Croissant – Large Baked Ghyslain

Item 90468 – 12/3 oz. case

Roll – Banquet Roll Mini

Item 90430 – 195/1 oz.

Tart Shell – 1.9″ Sweet Straight

Item 90291 – 144 ct. case

Mousse – Dark Chocolate Mousse Mix

Item 92182 – 800 Gram Bag

Cake – Turtle Cheesecake

Item 16674 – 2/16 slice case

Ready for St. Patrick’s Day?

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St. Patrick’s Day is a little over a week away. Are you ready for the party? Here’s a few must-have items for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations (minus the green beer).

Bea’s Raw Corned Beef Brisket

Item 00592 – 3/10-14 lb.

With a fantastic, distinctive, and delicious flavor, Bea’s Corned Beef Brisket has lower sodium than other product with cook-in-bag convenience, no MSG, and is soy and gluten free.

Lamb Stew Meat

Item 62625 – 10 lb. case – Frozen

Lamb chuck boned and hand cut into 1″ to 1.5″ average cubes. May include shank meat. Vacuum sealed in a 5 lb. pack. 2 packs per case.

Cod Fillet Icelandic Long Line

Item 48027 – by the lb. – Fresh

These lean and juicy cuts are boneless, skinless and easy to prepare. Great grilled, broiled, baked, or fried. Line caught in chilly Icelandic waters.

Weisenberger Mill Fish Batter Mix

Item 96662 – 5 lb. bag

Item 96661 – 6/5 lb. case

Product of Kentucky, this Weisenberger Mill is located in Scott County, KY. This fish batter mix can be used wet or dry and can be used in the oven or the deep fryer.

Haddock Fillets – 6-8 oz. Wild

Item 48383 – 10 lb. case – Frozen

This North Atlantic haddock is wild caught and is often smoked, but is great fried as well.

Monin Irish Cream Syrup

Item 99408 – 750 ml

Monin Irish Cream syrup is perfect for delicious Irish-inspired beverages without the alcohol. Made with select ingredients and pure cane sugar, Monin Irish Cream Flavored syrup is a highly concentrated, authentic flavoring offering exceptional versatility for creating specialty beverages.

Green Cabbage

Item 20296 – 50 lb.

Item 20201 – by the lb.

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Item 60207 – A size – 50 lb.

Item 60202 – B size – 50 lb.

Item 60200 – Bakers – 50 lb.


Item 20450 – Large – 50 lb.

Item 20451 – 5 lb.

Update on Leafy Lettuces

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Romaine, Iceberg, and Leaf Lettuce Report

Last week in the growing regions, there were several days of freezing temperatures that resulted in lettuce and leaf ice. In the past two months, there have been multiple days with ice.

What does this mean? Ice in the fields will lead to lighter weights, smaller sized heads (as the outer, more damaged layers have to be removed), blistering, epidermal peel, and discoloration. Although the producers are removing several outer layers, it is not possible to completely remove 100% of the quality issues.

Here are some pictures from the field of the damage we are seeing.

We are already seeing allocations and higher prices on chopped and shredded romaine, iceberg, and lettuce blends. We expect this trend to hit whole heads of romaine, iceberg, and leaf lettuces as well. Unfortunately, this situation will not be alleviated for approximately 2 months.

We strongly suggest transitioning menu items to spring mix, arcadian mix, or spinach wherever possible.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and continued business.

What Chefs Want Team

Mardi Gras is one week away!

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Are you ready for Mardi Gras? We have some great, products that are perfect for your specials.

*Not all products available in all regions. Check our website and app for full availability.

Crawfish – Meat Farmed Frozen

Farmed cooked crawfish tail meat ready for your recipes.

Item 48561 – 1 lb each

Item 48345 – 24/ 1 lb case

Crawfish – Whole Cooked Frozen

Farmed cooked whole crawfish. Wild-caught in freshwater.

Item 48344 – 10 lb case

Sausage – Andouille Smoked Pork Frozen

Comeaux’s Cajun Pork Andouille is USDA pork, coarsely ground, seasoned, marinated, and stuffed in a large sausage casing and hickory smoked to perfection.

Item 95163 – 1 lb

Ham – Cajun Tasso Comeaux

Comeaux’s Tasso is sliced pork, specially seasoned, marinated, cured, and hickory smoked. Use to transfer seasoning and smoke flavor to many dishes.

Item 96572 – 1 lb

Bun – French Pistolet

Leidenheimer’s French Pistolet is the perfect bread for Po Boys. Pick up a case and let your creativity shine.

Item 14785 – 60 ct case

Rice – Popcorn

Cajun Country Popcorn Rice highlights the rice varieties grown in Louisiana that have fragrant qualities. It’s unique taste and aroma add a warm essence and lively character to any dish.

Item 98338 – 20 lb bag

Hot Sauce – Crystal

Made from freshly ground cayenne peppers, Louisiana’s Pure Crystal Hot Sauce adds a not-too-hot, not-too-cool kick of tangy flavor to anything from gumbo and crawfish, to tacos and burgers.

Item 96147 – 1 gallon each

Holiday Delivery Schedule

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Here’s this year’s holiday delivery schedule

Friday, December 24th – Open. Offices and Will Call closes at noon. Please place all Will Call orders by 11am. Meat and Seafood processing will be closed.

Saturday, December 25th – CLOSED

Sunday, December 26th – CLOSED – Chattanooga and Knoxville delivering produce only

Friday, December 31st – Normal Delivery Schedule. Fresh cut Meat and Seafood cut off – 10:00 AM EST. Will call closes at noon. Please place all Will Call orders by 11am.

Saturday, January 1st – CLOSED

Please place your orders as you normally do. Our WOW Center will have limited staff entering orders on the days we are closed.

What Chefs Want sincerely wishes all of you a Happy Holiday season.

Holiday desserts

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Take the worry out of holiday desserts by stocking up on these delicious, premium desserts. From cakes and cheesecakes, to cookies and macarons, there’s sure to be a dessert to fit your menu.

Triple Mousse Cake

Three kinds of chocolate mousse are layered together for a sinfully rich and one of a kind treat. Moist chocolate cake base topped with dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate mousse.

Item 16666 – 2/16 slice case

Turtle Cheesecake

Luscious chocolate marble cheesecake topped with caramel, pecans, and semi-sweet chocolate sitting on a cookie crust.

Item 16674 – 2/16 slice case

Mini Peanut Butter Mousse Dessert

Two great tastes that taste even better in a mousse. Graham is the foundation for the tiny tour of rich chocolate and peanut butter mousse layers, decorated with a drizzle of melted chocolate.

Item 34735 – 15 ct. per case

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Smooth, textured cheesecake enhanced with real pumpkin and delicately spiced. Each slice is dolloped with cinnamon buttercream icing. Get this limited, seasonal treat while supplies last.

Item 16695 – 2/16 slice case

Chocolate Mini Cheesecake Assortment

A rich, decadent assortment of smooth, bite-size cheesecakes with mild buttery graham cracker crust. Dulce de Leche, Mocha Cappuccino, and Decadent Turtle.

Item 90603 – 177 ct. case

Citrus Mini Cheesecake Assortment

A cool tropical assortment of bite-size delectable cheesecakes with sweet graham cracker crust and colorful fruit puree swirl. Lemon Blueberry, Key Lime, and Strawberry Margarita.

Item 90604 – 177 ct. case

Bourbon Butter Cake

Three layers of buttery cake layered with bourbon ganache, studded with chocolate and pecans and frosted with a bourbon icing.

Item 16661 – 2/16 slice case

Ghyslain Flourless Chocolate Cake

A decadent chocolate flourless cake. Roughly 3″ in diameter and 1 1/2″ tall. Gluten-free. Plate as is or add your own sauce, fresh fruit, a dusting of confectioner’s sugar or a dollop of whipped cream.

Item 95779 – 24 ct. case

Ghyslain Mini Flourless Chocolate Cake

The bite size version of Ghyslain’s Flourless Chocolate Cake. Plate as is or add your own sauce, fresh fruit, a dusting of confectioner’s sugar or a dollop of whipped cream.

Item 95778 – 24 ct. case

Ghyslain Vanilla Cheesecake

Undecorated vanilla cheesecake by Ghyslain. Make it your own with fruit, chocolate shavings, or whatever suits you. 3″ in diameter.

Item 95777 – 24 ct. case

Ghyslain French Macarons

Carefully hand-crafted macarons provide a welcome splash of color before they melt in your mouth. Each flavored macaron is filled with a delectable ganache. Flavors include chocolate coffee, fleur de sel bourbon, orange praline, passionfruit coconut, pistachio strawberry, and raspberry chocolate. Gluten-free.

Item 95796 – 150 ct.

Ghyslain Macaron Vive Color

Carefully hand-crafted macarons provide a welcome splash of color before they melt in your mouth. Each flavored macaron is filled with a delectable ganache. Flavors include black currant, blueberry lemon, cherry chocolate, lemon poppy seed, strawberry banana, and yuzu.

Item 95776 – 150 ct.

Kern’s Kitchen Derby Pie

My Old Kentucky Homemade. Handcrafted for over 60 years, Kern’s Derby-Pie chocolate nut pie is a true taste of Kentucky. Leaudra and Walter Kern along with their son George created the first Derby-Pie dessert in 1954 at the Melrose Inn in Prospect, Kentucky, and to this day they make each pie, one at time, according to that legendary secret
recipe. Premium chocolate and choice walnuts are folded into a
decadent filling, then baked in Grandma Leaudra’s delicate crust.

Item 16632 – 6/9″ pies

Kern’s Kitchen Derby Pie Sheets

Kern’s Derby-Pie chocolate nut pie in an 8″ x 12″ sheet perfect for banquets. Cut into 1″x1″ squares for bite size or any larger size as a dessert.

Item 02921 – 4/3# case

Christie Cookies – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Made in Nashville, TN, Christie’s Cookies has been crafting cookies using only real butter and gourmet ingredients for over 30 years. These chocolate chip cookies are portioned and ready to bake. 100% real butter provides a rich, moist taste that has a 3-5 day bake life when baked properly.

Item 02690 – 150 – 2.5 oz.

Christie Cookies – Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough

All the gourmet semi-sweet chocolate chunks Christie’s Cookies could fit in a cookie made perfect with a hint of brown sugar and pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla. A staff favorite!

Item 02691 – 252 – 1.45 oz.

Christie Cookies – Sugar/Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough

Classic, sweet and chewy butter cookie that comes with the cinnamon on the side. You can bake these off as sugar cookies or as snickerdoodles. Have fun with it! It’s the little black dress of the bakery, perfect for every occasion.

Item 02855 – 162 – 1.45 oz.