Item of the Day: Cannoli Shells and Filling

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Cannoli Shells and Cream Filling

Cannoli is a light crunchy shell that can be filled with any cream you desire. Dimensions: Length: 5″

Shells – Item 95748 – 100 count case

Don’t forget the cream filling! Sweet, creamy and full of chocolate chips, this Italian-style cream is ready to pipe right away into the cannoli shells.

Cream – Item 13476 – 4/1.5 lb. case

Item of the Day: Kentucky Rose Cheese from Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese

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Kentucky Rose Cheese

Kentucky Rose is many things, but at its core it is a very simple gently pressed farmhouse-style cheese with a tiny kiss of Roquefort, just to give it a floral and earthy note on the rind. Added cream creates a level of decadence that carries the experience from start to finish, but somehow amid all of the that buttery goodness this cheese remains light and airy. The briny finish is longer than you expect. There is nothing to compare it to, it is truly one of a kind! Learn more about Kenny’s Cheese here.

Item 91926 – 8 lb. wheel
Item 91111 – 1 lb. block

Item of the Day: Canadian Lobster Tails

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Canadian Lobster Tails

Succulent, Flavorful Canadian Lobster Tails. Enjoy the mild, sweet, and distinctive flavor of these beautiful 3-4 oz lobster tails caught in the pristine, cold waters of eastern Canada. Frozen raw and uncooked, they thaw easily and can be boiled, steamed, grilled or prepared your favorite way in minutes.

Item 48419 – 3/4 oz. – 10 lb. case
Item 48420 – 4/5 oz. – 10 lb. case
Item 48421 – 5/6 oz. – 10 lb. case
Item 48422 – 6/7 oz. – 10 lb. case
Item 48423 – 7/8 oz. – 10 lb. case
Item 48424 – 8/10 oz. – 10 lb. case

Item of the Day: Strawberry Sensation Cake

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Strawberry Sensation Cake
Libby’s Gourmet Desserts

WOW!! This cake is made up of three pieces of moist strawberry cake alternately layered with strawberry filling and whipped cream and gingerly topped with white chocolate. The open sided presentation is reminiscent of old fashioned Strawberry Shortcake.
Net Weight 5.0 lbs. 16 pre-cut servings

Item 16663 – 2/16 slice case

Ideas for Valentine’s Day Desserts

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Need some ideas for Valentine’s Day Desserts? Here are a few options:

Vive Color Macarons
Ghyslain Chocolatier
Item 95776 – 150 ct. case
Ladyfinger Cookies
Item 90209 – 14 oz. bag Item 90285 – 10 ct. case
Chocolate 4″ Zebra Tubes
Item 92199 – .88 lb. box
Tart Shells
3.35″ Fluted Natural
Item 90438 – 120 ct. case
Mini Cheesecake
Citrus Assortment
Item 90604 – 177 ct. frozen case
Strawberry Sensation Cake
Libby’s Gourmet Desserts
Item 16663 – 2/16 slice case
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Pistoles
Cacao Noel
Item 92125 – 1 lb. bag
Strawberry Puree
Perfect Puree
Item 95850 – 30 oz. jar
Item 95849 – 6/30 oz. case
Passionfruit Puree
Item 95874 – 2.2 lb. frozen tub
Item 94080 – 5/2.2 lb. case
Turtle Cheesecake
Libby’s Gourmet Desserts
Item 16679 – 2/20 slice frozen case
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