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No Minimums

No fees.  No fuel charges.  No surcharges.  This allows for you to order as much or as little as you need as often as you need.

Daily Delivery

Trimming your waste, increasing your valuable shelf space and allowing you for fresher product.

24/7 Customer Support

Call.  Text. Chat.  Email.  Anytime, from anywhere.  We take a team approach to serving you.  Reach us at 502-587-9012

Diverse Products

Our chefs have access to thousands of items across many different categories that allow them receive fresh product daily.  This type of flexibility helps chefs with the ability to offer and test new menu items with ease.


With hundreds of trucks on the road every day our reach is vast.  Our focus is on tight urban areas where groups of restaurants and chefs are located.  Additionally we have trucks from coast to coast bringing us products from farms and artisans across the globe.

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