FreshFry Pods

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FreshFry pods offer the easiest way to control your fried food quality, labor, and cost. When used daily from the start of fresh, new oil, FreshFry pods removes acids, moisture, and gummy oil polymers extending the food quality and life of your frying oil by 2-3 days.

Simply put the Pod in the fryer at the end of the shift. Let the Pod soak overnight. Remove the Pod the next day and throw in the trash.

Want to see how much money you can save by using FreshFry Pods? Head here to use FreshFry’s cost calculator.

Iceberg and Romaine Alert!

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Iceberg and Romaine Lettuce Alert!

Extreme rain in the growing areas has caused delays in harvesting iceberg and romaine lettuces. Farmers are unable to harvest when it is raining and the heavy rains led to very muddy fields. You can see in the pic below how the equipment has left deep ruts in the fields due to the muddy conditions.

lettuce fields 2.jpg

We will be extremely tight on all processed lettuce products. 
This includes:
Chopped and shredded romaine
Chopped and shredded iceberg
Tossed salad mix

We will also be tight on whole heads of both iceberg and romaine. If you have the ability to substitute spring mix or spinach for these products, we strongly advise you to do so as your orders will be allocated or shorted as we will not have product to sell. 

We expect this situation to continue for up to 3 weeks. Our orders will continue to be cut, allocated, or delayed meaning your orders will be cut or allocated as well.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and continued business. 

What Chefs Want team

Mixology Essentials

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Sugar Cane Skewers

Item 80051 – 25/20 ct. case

4 “Bamboo Pick with Loop

Item 90137 – 250 ct. case

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries

Item 98908 – 4/6 lb. can case

Item 95716 – 6 lb. can

Dirty Martini Olive Juice

Item 98097 – 6/750 ml. case

Black 2 ply Beverage Napkins

Item 99154 – 1000 ct. case

Pitted Gordal Olives

Losada Olives

Item 95556 – 4.4 lb. jar

Bourbon Smoked Sugar

Bourbon Barrel Foods

Item 97236 – 6/10 oz. jar

Item 97222 – 10 oz. jar

Lemon Zest


Item 94078 – 6/1.1 lb. case

Item 95877 – 1.1 lb. tub

Natural 2 ply Beverage Napkins

Item 98213 – 1000 ct. case

Margarita Mix

Island Oasis

Item 14419 – 12/32 oz. case

Cocktail Onions

Item 15090 – 12/16 oz. case

Cranberry Juice

Ruby Kist

Item 93740 – 8/64 oz. case

Bloody Mary Olives


Item 95510 – 6/7 oz. case

Item 95533 – 7 oz. jar

Search Cocktails on our app or website to shop for more!


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Cheesecake – Plain

Item 16665 – 2/16 slice case

If you like your cheesecake “just plain” this is the perfect dessert for you. Our creamy cheesecake is flavored with a subtle hint of lemon and sits atop a graham cracker crust. For the purist, this is “simply delicious”.

Bourbon Butter Cake

Item 16661 – 2/16 slice case

Three layers of buttery cake layered with bourbon ganache, studded with chocolate and pecans and frosted with a bourbon icing.

Carrot Cake

Item 16664 – 2/16 slice case

This classic starts with a moist and fluffy carrot cake. It is filled, iced and decorated with a rich cream cheese icing and finally finished with walnut meal around the side.

Triple Chocolate Cake

Item 16662 – 2/16 slice case

Not for the faint of heart, this triple layer cake contains chocolate in three forms. First, we start with tender layers of our deliciously moist chocolate cake. Second, each layer is filled and iced with a delectable chocolate frosting. Third, the sides are adorned with more chocolate and covered in Belgian chocolate, Pailette Fins. It’s chocolate bliss!

Triple Mousse Cake

Item 16666 – 2/16 slice case

Three kinds of chocolate mousse are layered together for a sinfully rich and one of a kind treat.

Turtle Cheesecake

Item 16679 – 2/20 slice case

Our luscious chocolate marble cheesecake is topped with caramel, pecans, and semi-sweet chocolate and sits on a chocolate cookie crust.

Mini Key Lime Dessert Cakes

Item 34736 – 15 count

These adorable little treasures are sure to fill your needs for something between a full slice of cake and the tiny “I wish I could have dessert” shot glasses.

Derby Pie

Item 16632 – 6/9″ Pies

Premium chocolate and choice walnuts are folded into a decadent filling, then baked in Grandma Leaudra’s delicate crust.

Peach Cobbler

Item 16707 – 4/6 lb case

The universal appeal, homemade nature, and low portion cost make this
product attractive to a wide variety of food service operations.

Ghyslain Flourless Chocolate Cake

Item 95779 – 48 count case

A decadent chocolate flourless cake. Roughly 3″ in diameter and 1 1/2″ tall. Gluten-free. Plate as is or add your own sauce, fresh fruit, a dusting of confectioner’s sugar or a dollop of whipped cream.

Strawberry Sensation Cake

Item 16663 – 2/16 slice case

This cake is made up of three pieces of moist strawberry cake
alternately layered with strawberry filling and whipped cream and gingerly topped with white chocolate.

Search desserts on our website or app for more options!

Did you miss our webinar today?

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How COVID19 has impacted the foodservice industry.
Today, we hosted 1 hour Zoom Webinar Friday April 3rd at 11am EST with, moderator, is former Bocuse d’Or Team USA Chef and Master Chef Rich Rosendale who resides in Leesburg, Virginia.
Our panelists included:

Bobby Stuckey – Owner of Frasca Hospitality Group in Denver, Colorado.

Katie Button – Owner of Katie Button Restaurants in Asheville, North Carolina

Gerard Craft – Owner of Niche Restaurant Group in St. Louis, Missouri and Nashville, Tennessee.

Ron and Mollie Turnier – President and CEO of What Chefs Want, foodservice distributor in 8 states.

Click here to listen to the recording.

Information you need about forgivable loans

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Are you aware of the small business relief funds available from the CARES act and the SBA? Amazing programs are available for you today that can help your restaurant survive or even thrive during this difficult time. Consult with your attorney today to see how you can best take advantage of these opportunities.

Quick takeaways from the program, please consult your attorney and accountant to see how this can directly apply to you!

  • How  your business can get access to free money from the just passed CARES Payroll protection act with SBA loans
  • Go to NAICS web site and choose your classification that must start with 72 ( )
  • Your business will be able to get a low interest loan with no closing costs from your current bank for 2.5 times your average monthly payroll over the past year
  • Once your business receives the approval for the loan, you will have 8 weeks where you can spend money on:  rent or mortgage payments, payroll including taxes and benefits,  and utilities
  • Our interpretation is that you could open for carry out for 8 weeks or wait until you get close to opening to take the loan and then your first 8 weeks of reopening will be done with free rent and free labor and free utilities.
Review the link below to see how this can impact your business!


Link to full resources:

We are here to help you during these times,
What Chefs Want Family

Maple Leaf Farms Duck

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Whole Duck

Item 00384 – 6/4.75 lb avg



















Duck Breast

Item 00841 – 32/6-7 oz case










Rendered Duck Fat

Item 00844 – 3/3.5 lb case














Ground Duck

Item 00889 – 4/2 lb case













Bone In Duck Leg and Thigh

Item 00890 – 36/8-10 oz













Boneless Duck Breast

Item 00892 – 24/8-10 oz case














Duck Leg Confit

Item 00893 – 12/8 oz case













Incentive Programs from Maple Leaf Farms:


2019-Menu-Mention-Flyer-FILLABLE PDF FORM


Waitstaff Sales Incentive Promo

Extraordinary Produce!

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Item 10970 – 10 lb. case














Cara Cara Oranges

Item 10550














Blood Oranges

Item 10535 – 18 lb. case















Item 10979












Buddha Hand Citron

Item 20977 – Each











Kabocha Squash

Item 20624 – 30-40 lb. case















Meyer Lemons

Item 10511 – 10 lb. case















Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes)

Item 20538 










Item 20222 – 10/12 ct. case















Romanesco Cauliflower

Item 20974 – 12/16 ct. case










White Asparagus

Item 20008 – 11 lb. case










Caulilini (Sweetstem Cauliflower)

Item 03643 – 6 lb. case









Check Out Krey’s Corner to see more available produce!