Item of the Day: Beef Pepperoni from Turchetti’s

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Beef Pepperoni from Turchetti’s

Origin: Indianapolis, Indiana
100% organic pastured Certified Angus Beef from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Pizza perfect with the casing kept on or the perfect snack. Seasoned with toasted black peppercorns, Sicilian fennel seed, pimenton dulce, garlic, organic turbinado sugar, and chili flake.

Item 25881 – 2/4 lb. avg. case

Item 00599 – 4 lb. each

Mother’s Day Specials from The Butchery

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Spiral Cut Ham Halves

Fully cooked, spiral sliced, honey glazed.

5-9 lb. avg. per ham / 6 per case

Item 00447 – $2.97 per lb.

Beef Tenderloin Tails

Ends of the beef tenderloin. Good for medallions or tender cubes.

5/2 lb. packs – Frozen 10 lb. avg. case

Item 00653 – $8.97 per lb.

Prime Beef Tenderloin

Less than 2% of the cattle in the United States will be awarded a prime designation. Prime tenderloins have all the marbling and flavor that top steakhouses look for, and epitomizes the science and care of the American cattle industry.

6/6 lb. case – Frozen

Item 44469 – $15.97 per lb.

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