Spiral Cut Ham Halves

Fully cooked, spiral sliced, honey glazed.

5-9 lb. avg. per ham / 6 per case

Item 00447 – $2.97 per lb.

Beef Tenderloin Tails

Ends of the beef tenderloin. Good for medallions or tender cubes.

5/2 lb. packs – Frozen 10 lb. avg. case

Item 00653 – $8.97 per lb.

Prime Beef Tenderloin

Less than 2% of the cattle in the United States will be awarded a prime designation. Prime tenderloins have all the marbling and flavor that top steakhouses look for, and epitomizes the science and care of the American cattle industry.

6/6 lb. case – Frozen

Item 44469 – $15.97 per lb.

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