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Mushroom Alert!

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We are beginning to see shortages in mushrooms. Our suppliers are currently cutting our orders by 10 – 100%.

The top reasons for the shortages from our vendors are:

  • Continued labor shortages, particularly for harvesting
  • Production reduced to match labor on hand
  • Shortage of raw materials to grow mushrooms
  • Weather changes

Unfortunately, our vendors do not expect this situation to improve before January, 2022.

Currently the hardest hit mushrooms are crimini and oyster, but all mushrooms are affected by the shortages and the shortages will continue.

There have been cuts on sliced mushrooms as well as different sizes of white mushrooms.

Your mushroom orders may be subbed, shorted, or allocated. If you have the option of subbing a different type of mushroom that may be in stock, please do so. Our WOW Center can help you determine which mushrooms are in stock. Text them at 502-587-9012.

We are doing all we can to procure as many mushrooms and varieties as we can. We appreciate your patience and continued business.

What Chefs Want Team

Alert! Broccoli Florets

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Quality of broccoli out of California has been poor for a few weeks now. This is due to wet mornings followed by hot sun causing pin rot (browning of the stems) to progress rapidly.

Mexico has had a lot of rain in their growing region, which has caused delays in harvesting. Both factors have caused heavy allocations from the shippers and the product that is coming in is marginal in quality.

Expect high prices, shorts, and lower quality for the next month.

New Product Alert

By | Gourmet, Pasta

Colorado Lamb Ravioli

Roasted Colorado Spring Lamb, Yukon gold potatoes, and fresh rosemary wrapped in tender sheets of Montana durum wheat and fresh egg pasta.

Try it in a rich cream sauce or hearty marinara.

Now available to all customers.

Item 90916

Pack Size: 120 ct. case

This product is frozen

Farm Fresh Produce for Easter

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We know we won’t be celebrating like we usually do this Easter, but your customers may have small, family meals and not want to cook!  Get ready with some to go options.  Here’s some pretty produce to add to the mix.

Here’s some more ideas!

  • Fingerling White PotatoesItem 60352 – 50#, Item 60353 – 5#
  • Mixed Fingerling PotatoesItem 60354 – 50#, Item 60355 – 5#
  • Mixed Marble Potatoes Item 60368 – 10#
  • Candystripe BeetsItem 20409 – 25#, Item 20410 – 5#
  • Golden BeetsItem 20411 – 25#, Item 20412 – 5#
  • Black GarlicItem 20979 – pound pack
  • Large Mixed Heirloom CarrotsItem 20484 – 25#, Item 20485 – 5#
  • Celery Root Item 20501 – 20#, Item 20502 – by the #
  • Cippolini OnionsItem 70910 – 10#, Item 70911 – by the #
  • Lotus/Lilly RootItem 20529 – 10#, Item 20530 – by the #
  • Cherry Heirloom Tomatoes Item 50901 – 12ct case, Item 50902 – pint
  • Young CoconutsItem 10960 – 9 ct case
  • Kennebec PotatoesItem 60360 – 50#
  • Fennel BulbItem 20914 – 24 ct case, Item 20915 – bulb
  • Broccolini – Baby BroccoliItem 20012 – 18 ct case, Item 20013 – each
  • Mixed Color Cauliflower Item 20017 – 6 ct
  • Artisan MixItem 20297 – 8#
  • Hydro Butter Boston BibbItem 20230 – 12 clam case, Item 20231 – each
  • Baby Kale GreensItem 20339 – 3#

Did you miss our webinar today?

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How COVID19 has impacted the foodservice industry.
Today, we hosted 1 hour Zoom Webinar Friday April 3rd at 11am EST with, moderator, is former Bocuse d’Or Team USA Chef and Master Chef Rich Rosendale who resides in Leesburg, Virginia.
Our panelists included:

Bobby Stuckey – Owner of Frasca Hospitality Group in Denver, Colorado.

Katie Button – Owner of Katie Button Restaurants in Asheville, North Carolina

Gerard Craft – Owner of Niche Restaurant Group in St. Louis, Missouri and Nashville, Tennessee.

Ron and Mollie Turnier – President and CEO of What Chefs Want, foodservice distributor in 8 states.

Click here to listen to the recording.

Information you need about forgivable loans

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Are you aware of the small business relief funds available from the CARES act and the SBA? Amazing programs are available for you today that can help your restaurant survive or even thrive during this difficult time. Consult with your attorney today to see how you can best take advantage of these opportunities.

Quick takeaways from the program, please consult your attorney and accountant to see how this can directly apply to you!

  • How  your business can get access to free money from the just passed CARES Payroll protection act with SBA loans
  • Go to NAICS web site and choose your classification that must start with 72 ( )
  • Your business will be able to get a low interest loan with no closing costs from your current bank for 2.5 times your average monthly payroll over the past year
  • Once your business receives the approval for the loan, you will have 8 weeks where you can spend money on:  rent or mortgage payments, payroll including taxes and benefits,  and utilities
  • Our interpretation is that you could open for carry out for 8 weeks or wait until you get close to opening to take the loan and then your first 8 weeks of reopening will be done with free rent and free labor and free utilities.
Review the link below to see how this can impact your business!


Link to full resources:

We are here to help you during these times,
What Chefs Want Family

Item of the Day – Louisiana Crawfish Tail Meat

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Crawfish is a crustacean that resembles a miniature lobster; this species is usually dark golden-brown with reddish tinges. Crawfish average 3-9 inches in length. The cooked meat is red.
Crawfish are either farmed in rice fields during alternating seasons or trapped in the wild. Unlike other farm-raised products crawfish are trapped with bait; therefore, harvest is dictated by the catch. Bait consists of pieces of fish in colder months and manufactured pellets with warmer temperatures. Crawfish are harvested in a specially designed crawfish boat. This process is very labor intensive and continues rain or shine.
Item 48371 – 1 lb package

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Monday Seafood News

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Seafood Market News:

  • This is our favorite time of year.  Lent starts this week and it’s all fish until Easter!
  • Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, Halibut and Salmon are all looking great.
  • Fat Tuesday is tomorrow.  Do you have enough crawfish tail meat for gumbo?

Here’s a list of our top sellers with pricing for the week:

What Chefs Want Fresh Seafood March 4, 2019

Seafood Specials

Royal Red Shrimp

Cape Canaveral, FL

Item 71209 – Whole – 10 lb bags – frozen – $7.99/lb



Triple Tail

Port Canaveral, FL

Item 71257 – Whole – 5 to 6 lb avg. – $8.99/lb

Item 71256 – Fillets – $18.99/lb



Catfish Fillets

St John’s River, FL

Item 71128 – $5.99/lb



Golden Tile

Cape Canaveral, FL

Item 71158 – Whole – $7.99/lb

Item 03341 – Fillets – $16.99/lb


Check out this week’s edition of Cap’n Joey’s Catches of the Week!


You can call or TEXT our Seafood hotline at 502-587-1505.

Have a question?  Get answers quickly from our seafood specialists.

Item of the Day – Select Oyster Gallons

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Shucked oysters are designated according to size. Standards are the smallest classification of shucked oysters, selects are the middle size grade and counts are the largest. Shucked oysters are one of our most popular products. Our shucked product is a wild caught Chesapeake Bay oyster where the meat is shucked from the shell.  Oysters are packed in their own liquor which is necessary for most recipes requiring oysters. Our shucked oysters are hand shucked daily and packed in pints, quarts and gallons. Shucked oysters will  have 10 -14 day refrigerated shelf life upon receipt.
Selects are the middle classification of shucked oysters and are the most popular of all the sizes. Select size oysters are the most versatile size oyster that are used in most recipes. They can be stewed, fried, baked or just eaten out of the container.
Item 48218 – 1 Gallon

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