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Item of the Day – Clovis Dijon Mustard

By | Gourmet

Clovis Dijon Mustard is a classic in French cooking.  Characterized by its very high mustard seed content, this mustard assures a powerful and hot taste.  It can be widely used in the kitchen and adapts particularly well to warm dishes.

Available in an 11 pound tub or 7 oz jar

Item 95102 – 11 lb tub

Item 95211 – 12×7 oz case

Item 95212 – 7 oz jar

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Weekend Seafood News

By | Seafood

Seafood Market News:

  • Mardi Gras is Tuesday, March 5.  Are you ready?
  • We just received a big shipment of Silver Streak Striped Bass and are reducing the price for the weekend.  Item 48004 – Whole – $5.99/lb and Item 48001 – Fillet – $12.99/lb

Crawfish options for Mardi Gras celebrations:

Item 48344 – Frozen Whole Domestic Farmed Crawfish – 10 lb case

Item 48370 – Frozen Domestic Crawfish Tail Meat – 24/1 lb case

Item 48371 – Frozen Domestic Crawfish Tail Meat – 1 lb each

Golden Tile

Cape Canaveral, FL

Item 71158 – Whole – 10 lb avg

Item 03341 – Fillets


Red Snapper

New Orleans, LA

Item 71271 – Whole – 8 to 12 lb avg

Item 03386 – Fillet – 2 to 3 lb avg


New!  You can now call and TEXT our Seafood hotline at 502-587-1505.

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40 Day Dry Aged Prime Beef – Now Available

By | Meats

You asked, we listened.

Custom dry aged beef from Southern Natural Farms and Simpson’s Meats in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.  This product is prime and dry aged for 40 days.

Here’s an action shot of these being cut in our USDA inspected butcher shop.

Item 00201 – 40 Day Dry Aged Prime B/I Striploin – 12 lb avg

Item 05495 – 40 Day Dry Aged Prime Export Ribeye – 15 lb avg

Product will be sent whole.  We will cut end to end for an additional fee.  Contact Dan Thompson to learn more.  502-657-5657.

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Item of the Day – Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

By | Staples

The rich, creamy decadence of dark chocolate is unrivaled.  When his mouth-watering taste is mixed with the best of nature’s own nuts, the combination is pure joy.  Experience this pleasure in every bag of Orchard Valley Harvest Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds.  Great for grab and go applications.

Item 98354 – 14/2 oz case

Item of the Day – Fig Almond Cake

By | Gourmet

We are continuing our celebration of almonds this week with this Fig Almond Cake from Spain.  Add it to your cheese plate for a wonderful delight.  Cube it, slice it thinly, put it in salads, or nosh on it for a snack.  Handmade in Valencia, Spain, of Pajarero figs, Marcona almonds, and nuthin’ else; your friends who can’t have gluten will thank you for this wheat-free cake.

Item 91179 – 225G each

Want to see some of the specialty produce in house?

By | Produce

Have you seen Krey’s Corner?

It’s a quick, weekly video showcasing a few of the in-season specialty produce we have available to order now.

This week, citrus is king, but there are a few other items mixed in.  Got a minute?  Check it out!

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Quality Market Alert – Lettuces

By | Produce

Quality Market Alert

Due to the continued freezing temperatures in growing areas, we are experiencing quality issues such as degrees of blister, epidermal peel and burn in the following lettuce varieties: romaine, iceberg and leaf.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this time.

Item of the Day – Almond Essence

By | Gourmet

Almond Essence

Item 93201 – 1 qt bottle

A low dosage extract with good consistency, traditional almond flavor and is bake and freeze stable.  Use to flavor yeast doughs, cookies, pastry dough, sponges, creams and fillings.

Direction:  3-5 grams per 1 KG.  Add directly to the ingredients at the beginning of mixing to achieve an even distribution of the aroma.  Do not exceed the recommended dosage as this is a highly concentrated product with a high yield.


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Monday Seafood News

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Seafood Market News:

  • West Coast Oyster Special!  We have Miyagi and Fanny Bay oysters on special while they last at $56.50/bag
  • Big Royal Red Shrimp are back!  10# bags – Item 71209
  • You can now TEXT our Seafood Direct line from 7:00 AM – Midnight, EST Monday – Friday.  502-587-1505

Here’s a list of our top sellers with pricing for the week:

What Chefs Want Fresh Seafood Feb. 18, 2019

Seafood Specials in Direct from our Florida Fishmongers

Snowy Grouper

Item 71239 – Whole – 5 – 15 lb average.  $9.99/lb

Item 71238 – Fillets – cut to order – $19.99/lb

Cape Canaveral, FL


Mullet Roe

Item 71184 – 4-6 oz egg sacks, 5 lb box, frozen


Ponce Inlet, FL

Pink Baja Grouper

Item 03810 – Whole – 8 – 15 lb average – $8.99/lb

Item 03811 – Fillets – cut to order – $17.99/lb

Sea of Cortez


Need oysters?  Here’s our list for February.

February 2019 Oyster Menu

New!  You can now call and TEXT our Seafood hotline at 502-587-1505.

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Item of the Day – Almond Breeze Almond Milk

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Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk

Item 93744 – 12/32 oz  case

Item 97931 – 32 oz each

Made from real California almonds, Almond Breeze Original is a deliciously creamy alternative to dairy and soymilk. Almond Breeze Original is lactose free, soy free, calcium enriched, and contains only 60 calories per glass that’s half the calories of 2% milk.


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