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Update on Leafy Lettuces

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Romaine, Iceberg, and Leaf Lettuce Report

Last week in the growing regions, there were several days of freezing temperatures that resulted in lettuce and leaf ice. In the past two months, there have been multiple days with ice.

What does this mean? Ice in the fields will lead to lighter weights, smaller sized heads (as the outer, more damaged layers have to be removed), blistering, epidermal peel, and discoloration. Although the producers are removing several outer layers, it is not possible to completely remove 100% of the quality issues.

Here are some pictures from the field of the damage we are seeing.

We are already seeing allocations and higher prices on chopped and shredded romaine, iceberg, and lettuce blends. We expect this trend to hit whole heads of romaine, iceberg, and leaf lettuces as well. Unfortunately, this situation will not be alleviated for approximately 2 months.

We strongly suggest transitioning menu items to spring mix, arcadian mix, or spinach wherever possible.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and continued business.

What Chefs Want Team

Iceberg Lettuce Alert

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Iceberg Lettuce Alert     

Iceberg lettuce is going to be in extreme market conditions over the next few weeks.  This will affect whole iceberg heads as well as all processed iceberg including shredded, chopped, and tossed salad mixes.

Our orders are currently being cut to 15-20% of what has been ordered. 

Extreme weather patterns recently including extreme heat followed by a cold snap, winds, and heavy rain are causing lower crop yields. 

We expect this shortage to continue for about 4 weeks.

We strongly encourage substituting spinach or spring mix for iceberg lettuce products.

Thank you for your patience and continued business,

What Chefs Want team

Mushroom Alert!

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We are beginning to see shortages in mushrooms. Our suppliers are currently cutting our orders by 10 – 100%.

The top reasons for the shortages from our vendors are:

  • Continued labor shortages, particularly for harvesting
  • Production reduced to match labor on hand
  • Shortage of raw materials to grow mushrooms
  • Weather changes

Unfortunately, our vendors do not expect this situation to improve before January, 2022.

Currently the hardest hit mushrooms are crimini and oyster, but all mushrooms are affected by the shortages and the shortages will continue.

There have been cuts on sliced mushrooms as well as different sizes of white mushrooms.

Your mushroom orders may be subbed, shorted, or allocated. If you have the option of subbing a different type of mushroom that may be in stock, please do so. Our WOW Center can help you determine which mushrooms are in stock. Text them at 502-587-9012.

We are doing all we can to procure as many mushrooms and varieties as we can. We appreciate your patience and continued business.

What Chefs Want Team

Product Alert!

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Thailand is on lockdown due to COVID.  This means that many popular items will be out of stock, once inventory is depleted, due to lack of production and what will be another wave of transportation backups.  This includes, but is not limited to:

-Chakoah coconut milk

-Rice flour

-Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce

-Mae Ploy curry paste

-Kecap Manis

-Fish sauce

Thank you for your patience.