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Item of the Day – Creole Mustard

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Zatarain’s Creole Mustard is one of the original products introduced by Emile Zatarain in the late 1800’s. It is a coarse, stone ground mustard with a uniquely vibrant flavor that has earned it a place on many New Orleans table and in many a New Orleans po’ boy sandwich.
Item 95110 – 1 Gallon

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Look For Vilux Mustard

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For the latest in mustard news, we’re proud to introduce Vilux mustards to our already incredible line of gourmet mustards.  We currently stock the Dijon and Whole Grain varieties which we’ve found to be of the highest quality, much like the Clovis brand which we are replacing. Vilux is produced in France and available in 7 oz jars and 11 lb tubs.   Look for the new labels!

Items numbers:


7 ounce jar – Item 95212

12 x 7 ounce case – Item 95211

11 pound tub – Item 95102

2 x 11 pound case – Item 98909

Whole Grain

7 ounce jar – Item 95106

12 x 7 ounce case – Item 95213

11 pound tub – Item 95107

2 x 11 pound case – Item 98910