We’ve got Kentucky Rainbow Trout Fillet, Fanny Bay Oysters and more!

Kentucky Trout

Farm-raised in London, Kentucky

Item 48142 – Fillet per lb.

Fanny Bay Oysters

Baynes Sound, British Columbia

Item 48839 – 60 count bag

Red Snapper

Bayou La Batre, Alabama

Item 48119 – Whole

Item 48115 – Fillet per lb.


Copper Shoals, Farmed in Texas!

Item 48074 – 4-6 lb. each

Item 24658 – Fillet per lb.

Verlasso Salmon

Sustainably Farmed in Patagonia

Item 48106 – Whole fish 10-14 lb. each

Item 48102 – Fillet per lb.

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