Check out some of our most recent seafood arrivals! Beautiful King Kampachi, delicious John Dory fillet, gorgeous Red Snapper from Louisiana, and excellent Virginia Flounder. We also have a new line of retail ready seafood products from Wixter Seafood!

King Kampachi

La Paz, Baja California, Mexico

Whole Item 05747 – 5-7 lbs.

Fillet Item 05746 – per lb.

Red Snapper

Dulac, Louisiana

Whole H&G Item 48119 – 8-15 lbs. each

Fillets Item 48115 – per lb.

John Dory Fillet

New Zealand

Fillets Item 48032 – per lb.


Hampton, Virginia

Whole Item 48034 – 4-6 lbs. avg.

Fillets Item 48033 – per lb.


Florida Coast

Whole Item 48158 – 15-100 lbs.

Fillets – Item 48157

Mahi Mahi Fillets

Item 48766 – 30 lb. case
Only $5 per lb. ($150 per case)

Wild-caught Panamanian Mahi Mahi sides, individually vacuum packed. 3-5 lb. skin-on fillets.

Wixter Seafood Retail Products

Inside every Wixter package is 12 ounces of prime cut seafood sustainably sourced from the finest producers and frozen immediately after capture by artisans using long-standing traditional methods. Whether you are seeking Salmon from Norway, Mahi-Mahi from Ecuador, or something new you’ve never tried, you can be certain that Wixter Seafood will be delicious, affordable, and ecologically responsible. Search Wixter on our app. or website to see all available items.

Download our latest Seafood availability and price sheet here: What Chefs Want Fresh Seafood 12 22 20