Item of the Day: Verlasso Salmon Fillets

Salmon Sides from Verlasso

Verlasso 3-5 lb. Salmon Sides.
Hand-cut fillets with the skin removed.
Perfect for sushi applications!

Verlasso Salmon is a premium Salmon raised using innovated farming techniques to ensure the health of the Salmon, the health of our oceans, and the long-term availability of fish. Verlasso salmon has a buttery mouth feel, firm texture and mild flavor that complements any method of cooking or preparation. It is lower in fat than conventional farmed Salmon and offers a brighter taste with no residual fishy flavor on the palate or aroma in the kitchen. Clean, fresh and firm, Verlasso salmon makes every dish a masterpiece. Each fish is carefully raised from egg to market size, humanely harvested, and processed all by Verlasso. The Salmon is raised in low density ocean pens in Patagonia, where there is very little industrial development and pristine waters. By replacing the fish oil and fish meal in the traditional Salmon diet with a diet rich in concentrated algae, the .fish in, fish out. ratio has been reduced to 1:1, therefore using fewer wild-caught feeder fish. No hormones or preventative antibiotics are used in raising Verlasso Salmon.

Item 20767 – 22 lb. case frozen