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Produce Market Report

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November 15, 2019

Tomatoes: down $5
Potatoes: Up! Harvest numbers are down.  
Lettuces: SUPPLIES ARE TIGHT< >WAY UP!  Transition underway in Yuma.  
Cauliflower: Up $10
Broccoli: Remains relatively active. 
Grapes: Red steady, Whites up $5
Strawberries: Up $2.  Quality just ok.
Melons: Remain Higher
Lemons: Steady
Squash: Up $2-3
Peppers: Up $5
Onions: Steady
Celery: Up $6-8.  Holiday push
Apples: Down slightly 
Cucumbers: Steady
Limes: Up $2
Avocados: Steady


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Item of the Day – Thanksgiving Spices / White Peppercorns

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White Peppercorns

Item 98996 – 6 ct case

Item 97097 – 20 oz jar

White peppercorns are actually a byproduct of a black peppercorn. When mature, black peppercorns are soaked in running water and the outer layer is rubbed away, a white peppercorn with subtler flavor results. Loved by the French, these are ground and used for cream sauces and clear broths.

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Holiday Meat Deals!

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Holiday Turkeys


Turkey – Tom Grade A

2 count case / $1.49 per lb

Item 04403






Turkey – Hen Grade A

4 count case / $1.49 per lb

Item 00393







Turkey – Breast Raw

Foil Wrapped – 2/10 lb / Market Price

Item 00843









Turkey – Roast Breast / Thigh Netted

2/10-12 lb / Market Price

Item 00897








Turkey – Whole All Natural

Fresh – 10-14 lb avg / Market Price

Item 00382

**Pre-Order!! While supplies last.  Ships on Wednesday Nov. 20

Contact Ryan Hall to pre-order at**







Holiday Hams

Ham – Sprial Berskshire

8-12 lb Case / $5.50 lb

Item 01036







Ham – Spiral Sliced Halves Frozen

5-9 lb Each / $3.15 lb

Item 00448

6/5-9 lb Case / $2.99 lb 

Item 00447













Carving Ribeyes



Creekstone Uncertified Boneless Lipon Ribeyes

13 lb Avg. Each / $7.49 lb

Item 00173

5/13 lb Avg. Case / $6.89 lb

These Creekstone Uncertified Ribeyes have the same genetics and feed that the regular Creekstone animals have, but are over 30 months of age and cannot be graded by the USDA.








Latest Produce Selections!

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Pink Pearl Apples

Item 03128 – 1/2 Bushel
















Honeynut Squash

New Item!  Smaller than a butternut, but ten times as sweet!

Item 11016 – 1/2 bushel












Item 10983 – 20 lb case


















Lacinato Kale (Tuscan Kale)

Item 20322 – Case















White Asparagus

Item 20008 – 11 lb case










Winesap Apples

From Huber’s Orchid in Starlight, Indiana

Item 10231
















Item 10219 














Orange Pie Pumpkins

Kentucky grown from Gallrein Farms

Item 20643 – Each














Meyer Lemons

Item 10511 – 10 lb case















Mixed Decorative Mini Gourds

and Pumpkins

Item 20637 –  case
















Apple Cider

From Huber’s Winery in Starlight, Indiana

Item 93701 – 1 Gallon















Fresh Cranberries

Item 10414 – 18 lb case












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Fresh, Sustainable Seafood!

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Item 71111 – 15-20 lb avg

Item 03510 – 3-6 lb side








Item 48071 1-2 lb avg















Yellowtail Snapper


Item 03489 2-4 lb avg

Item 03488 1-2 lb avg








Mango Snapper

St. Petersburg, Florida

Item 71177 Whole 2-4 lb avg

Item 03450 Fillet












John Dory Fillet

New Zealand

Item 48032 












Pink Porgy Snapper

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Item 71198 Whole 1-2 lb avg

Item 03443 Fillet















Item 48034 Whole 4-6 lb avg

Item 48591 Fillet








Mahi Mahi


Item 48064 – 15-30 lb avg

Item 48060 – Fillet








Bottarga Mullet

St. Petersburg, Florida

Fat mullet full of red roe. Perfect for curing your own bottarga or whatever else you’d want these delicious fatty eggs for. Oh yeah, don’t forget to have yourself a traditional Florida meal and fry up them mullet!

Item 71182 – Whole 2 lb avg






Pacific Halibut

Oregon Coast

Item 04584 Whole H&G 10-20 lb avg

Item 04585 Fillet 3-6 lb avg






10/15 ct Whole Royal Red Shrimp


Sweet, buttery and briny.  Softer and more delicate than whites, these come from about 600′ deep off of Cape Canaveral. 

Item 71209  Frozen 10 lb bag  







EZ Peel 16/20 White Shrimp

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Item 71232 – 10 lb bag Frozen












Ichiban Oysters

North Puget Sound, Washington

Item 48848 – 60 count bag









Latest Seafood Price List:

WCW Fresh Seafood 11 11 19




You can call or TEXT our Seafood hotline at 502-587-1505.

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Produce Market Report

By | Chef's Feed, Produce Market Report

November 8, 2019

Tomatoes: up $5 again


Potatoes: Up! Harvest numbers are down.  Larger sizes up $3-4


Lettuces: Supplies are tight!  Way Up!!  Transition underway in Yuma.  


Cauliflower: Down some


Broccoli: Down some


Grapes: Steady


Strawberries: Up $4-5


Melons: up $4


Lemons: Steady


Squash: Steady


Peppers: Steady


Onions: Steady


Celery: Steady


Apples: Down slightly 


Cucumbers: Steady


Limes: Steady


Avocados: Down $2 on 60’s


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