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Item of the Day – Closeout! Nueske’s Canadian Bacon

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Nueske’s Canadian Bacon

Item 00789 – 2×3 lb case

Nueske’s famous Canadian Bacon is made from prime-quality pork loins, so there’s virtually no fat or waste. Loins are hand-trimmed, then moved to our custom smokehouses where they’re slowly smoked 24 hours over smoldering embers of sweet Applewood.
Fully cooked Smoked Canadian bacon ready to enjoy… just warm gently for a truly delectable entree. 

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Item of the Day – Honeycomb

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Item 93503 – 16 oz

Ziyad All-Natural Pure Bee Honeycomb, 16 oz is packed with deliciously sweet honey that you can break off and eat in small pieces or spread on toast. You can also enjoy it as a delicacy served with a cheese board with crackers, nuts and dried fruit. This premium, authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern product is super healthy and will give you a boost of energy. The wholesome and natural honeycomb has 60 calories per serving. It contains zero trans fat and zero cholesterol.

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Produce Market Report

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July 12, 2019

Tomatoes: Slightly higher


Potatoes: Larger size Idaho up $1




Cauliflower: Steady


Broccoli: Steady


Grapes: New crop California.  Steady price


Strawberries: Up $1-2,  Quality improving


Melons: Steady


Lemons: Steady


Squash: Yellow remains high.  Zucchini down


Peppers: Green steady.  Reds and yellow up $5


Onions: Remain higher


Celery: Finally!  down


Apples: Steady


Cucumbers: Up $3-4


Limes: Steady


Avocados: Historic high prices!  Some relief in sight in 1-2 weeks




Weekend Seafood Options

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Ponce Inlet, Florida

Item 71109 Whole 8- 20 lb avg

Item 03516 Fillet






Hog Snapper


Item 03451 Whole 2-4 lb avg

Item 03452 Fillet






Okeechobee, Florida

Item 05725 Whole .5-.75 lb avg







Oregon Rockfish Fillet


MSC Certified Fishery – Feel good about what you serve!

Now only $6.99 lb

Item 98719 Fillets









Walleye Fillet

Great Lakes

Item 48155 fillet .5-.75 lb avg











Item 48126 Loins






Wild Sockeye Salmon

Copper River, Alaska

Item 48112 Whole H&G 4-6 lb avg

Item 48111 Fillet








Pacific Halibut


Item 04584 Whole Head Off 10-20 lb avg

Item 04585 Fillet







Item 48034 Whole 3-4 lb avg

Item 48591 Fillet






Royal Red Shrimp 11/15 count 

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Item 71209 – 10 lb bag







Key West Pink Shrimp 9/12 count

Key West, Florida

Item 05241 – 10 lb bag











Now available from Organic Oceans:

Organic Ocean supplies sustainable seafood that is not just better for the planet, but tastes better too. Their traditional harvesting and delicate handling techniques produces seafood that connoisseurs consider to be among the best in the world.

Spot Prawn Tails 25-30 ct

Vancouver, BC

Item 04243

Premium quality, frozen in sea water.  These are caught off English Bay, Vancouver BC from Organic Ocean’s spot prawn boat captained by Dane Chauvel.  Sustainably rated – Best Choice!





Sidestripe Shrimp 35-40 ct.

Chatham Sound

Item 04241

Hand picked by the crew at Organic Ocean from the Pacific Ranger and sustainably caught off the Chatham sound, these sashimi quality shrimp are PREMIUM. Incredibly sweet as shrimp go.  Packed in seawater, these are amazing! Tails, shell on frozen.





Humpback Shrimp Tails 25-30 ct.

Vancouver, BC

Item 04242

Wild, sustainably caught Humpback shrimp are a local legend in Prince Rupert. Extremely exclusive artisinal fishery – one of a few in the world. These premium shrimp tails caught on small boats and packed in sea water and are wonderful. Lightly sweet and earthy when raw, their sweetness is pronounced when cooked. Certainly the best of the three Vancouver Island shrimp when cooked.




You can now call and TEXT our Seafood hotline at 502-587-1505.

Have a question?  Get answers quickly from our seafood specialists.



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Hot Summer Produce!

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Shishito Peppers

Item 20841 – 10 lb case







Purple Asparagus

Item 20002 – 11 lb case









White Asparagus

Item 20008 – 11 lb case








Local Heirloom Tomatoes

Item 50014 – 10 lb case








Baby Bunch Turnips

Item 20541 – 24 ct case











Item 20538









Mixed Organic Kale

from Bloomsbury Farms in Smyrna, Tennessee

Item 02263 – 12 count case









Item 20059 – 20 lb case







Southern Grown Peaches

Item 10104 – 25 lb case







Check out this week’s Krey’s Korner to see more produce specials!

Deep Dive On Lobsters

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As the video mentions, one of the reasons lobster is so expensive is that live lobsters offer a low meat yield.  We offer frozen Lobster Tail available in a 10 lb case with 100% yield.  It’s all tail!

4/5 oz Canadian Lobster Tails – Item 48420

5/6 oz Canadian Lobster Tails – Item 48421

6/7 oz Canadian Lobster Tails – Item 48422

8/10 oz Canadian Lobster Tails – Item 48424

8 oz Caribbean Lobster Tails – Item 48949

9 oz Caribbean Lobster Tails – Item 48412


We also carry frozen Knuckle and Claw Lobster meat

Item 48408 – 6/2 lb case