Item of the Day: Chilean Sea Bass Portions

Chilean Sea Bass Portions

Did you know that before 1977 Chilean Seabass was known as Patagonian Toothfish? Marketers changed the name to make it more appealing, and gourmands learned that this white, flaky Codfish is delicious no matter what it’s called. Because of its high oil content, Chilean Seabass is versatile in the kitchen and remains one of the healthiest options for seafood. Wixter’s Chilean Seabass is exclusively sourced from producers that meet the highest international sustainability standards, this is extremely important for preserving wild stock of this deep-sea delicacy, which is caught along the continental shelves in the southern oceans.

In the bag: (2) 6 oz. Boneless, Skinless Case Pack Size: 12 x 12 oz. bag for 9 lb. case Country of Origin: USA Harvest Location: FAO Area 48 (Atlantic, Antarctic) Harvest Method: Wild Caught – Longline MSC Certification

Item 24132 – 9 lb. frozen case