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Golden Tile

Dulac, Louisiana

Item 48136 – Whole 12-15 lb.

Item 48181 – Hand-cut fillets

Queen Snapper

Dulac, Louisiana

Item 48119 – Whole 8-15 lb. avg.

Item 48118 – Hand-cut, skin-on fillet

Farmed Striped Bass

Farm raised in Texas

Item 48004 – Whole 2-3 lb. avg.

Item 48001 – Hand-cut fillets


Manta, Ecuador

Item 48030 – Whole H&G 15 lb. avg

Item 48028 – Fillet

Golden Trout

Farm-raised from Snake River, Idaho from Riverence.

Item 24009 – Fillet by the lb.

Item 24008 – Fillet 5 lb. case

Red Fish

Sustainably farm-raised in Texas

Item 48074 – Whole 4-6 lb. avg.

Item 48072 – Hand-cut fillet

Eagle Rock Oysters

Totten Inlet, Puget Sound

Item 45752 – 60 ct. bag

The Turkey Myth:

For decades Americans have believed that the pilgrims served wild turkey (the bird, not the bourbon) at the first Thanksgiving. Finally, after exhaustive research by the Bluefin staff, the truth has been uncovered!

Having personally visited Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, I can attest that the shoreline is teaming with fresh seafood. Clams, Scallops, Oysters, Lobsters and Codfish are there for the taking, yet not a single wild turkey (either bottle or bird) can be found! So how does one explain the ageless Thanksgiving turkey myth? The Bluefin staff has revealed for the 1st time, what we refer to as “The Big Lie”. In 1919 the Turkey Farmers of America spread the “Big Lie” in a nationwide advertising campaign. Since that time, The Turkey Myth has become accepted as fact. The real truth is the Pilgrims and their Native American guests invented the Seafood Buffet!

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