USDA Prime Beef Tenderloins

Less than 2% of the cattle in the United States will be awarded a prime designation. Prime tenderloins have all the marbling and flavor that top steakhouses look for, and epitomizes the science and care of the American cattle industry.

Item 00158 – 6/6 lb. up case – $15.50 lb.
Item 05464 – 6 lb. up each – $15.95 lb.

Revier Cattle Company
Upper Choice Beef Tenderloins

With Revier’s commitment to excellent cattle, excellent feed and humane animal treatment, consumers can be assured of receiving the highest quality, most sustainable beef – – every time.
Learn more about Revier Cattle Company here.

Item 02000 – 12/5 lb. case – $13.29 lb.
Item 02001 – 5 lb. each –
$13.59 lb.

Creekstone Farms
Master Chef
Choice Angus Beef Tenderloins

Creekstone Farms Master Chef Choice Angus Beef Tenderloin is always a crowd favorite with it’s delicious flavor and tenderness.
Learn more about Creekstone Farms here.

Item 00136 – 12/6 lb. case – $13.29 lb.
Item 00166 – 6 lb. each –
$13.59 lb.

Choice Beef Tenderloins

All the quality and richness that you would expect from USDA Choice beef tenderloins, aged in our facility to ensure tenderness and maximum flavor. Sold by the case, eaches or trimmed, this is the center of the plate experience that keeps your customers coming back for more!

Item 00089 – 10/5 lb. up case – $10.25 lb.
Item 00535 – 5 lb. up each – $10.75 lb.

Cut Beef Tenderloin Filet Specials

All Center Cut USDA Choice Beef Filets – $25.95 lb.

Item 05554 – 4 oz.
Item 01091 – 6 oz.
Item 01093 – 8 oz.

14 oz. USDA Choice Beef Tenderloin Barrels (Chateaubriand for Two)
Item 68768 – $26.95 lb.

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