Specializing in heritage breeds, regenerative farming, and the most flavorful meat, poultry & game in the world.

No pesticides, animal by-products, hormones, growth stimulators or antibiotics EVER

Joyce Farms was started in 1962 by Alvin Joyce and is still a family-owned business.  Located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with most of their partner farms located in the Carolinas, Georgia and Virginia.  Joyce Farms raises the very best all-natural poultry, beef and game for the top chefs, artisanal butchers, and educated consumers across the United States

  • They supply the top culinary markets with the taste, texture and culinary advantages of superior birds with their Naked Chicken line.  It’s the finest, all-natural domestic chicken for sale in the United States.
  • They believe small farmers, with their deep caring and passion for the animals, are the best at raising them, often using age-old artisan methods passed down through generations.  They partner with small farmers, many of whom have been marginalized by big-industry meat producers, and are proud to say they’ve helped them grow and thrive once more. 
  • They use regenerative agriculture to continually improve the land they use, rather than just sustain it, repairing damage caused by years of degenerative, industrial agricultural practices.  Their farms use NO chemicals or tillage, plant complex cover crops, and use planned rotational grazing methods to create thriving, diverse pastures that are beneficial to the animal and the environment. 
  • Their poultry processing plant has consistently earned a 100% score in animal welfare by a third-party auditing company.  It is clean and sanitary, with excelled quality control. 
  • NAKED = RAISED WITH NOTHING ADDED EVER.  The Naked Chicken line is pure chicken, raised with nothing added EVER.  That means no growth stimulants, no hormones, no antibiotics or other drugs, no pesticides, and no preservatives EVER.
  • The Heritage line includes Poulet Rouge, Duck and Pheasant raised with old-world care and tradition on small family farms using the same “never EVER” standards of purity as the Naked Chicken line. The farmers are required to raise the birds using select standards from the French Label Rouge guidelines, which guarantee poultry production that is respectful of animal welfare, protects the environment, and produces superior flavor.

We are proud to carry a large selection of frozen Joyce Farms Naked and Heritage Chicken. Search Joyce Farms on our app or website for available products. For more information about Joyce Farms check out their website here.