Fresh seafood selections this week include: Wild Sockeye Salmon from Cook Inlet, Golden Corvina, Nova Scotia Halibut, Beautiful California Yellowtail, Red Snapper and Wild Cat Cove Oysters. Check out all of the great seafood selections on our app or website.

California Yellowtail / Hamachi

San Diego, California

Item 48160 – Whole 15-20 lb avg.

Item 48159 – Hand-Cut Fillet

Wild Sockeye Salmon

Cook Inlet, Alaska

Item 48112 – Whole H&G 4-6 lb. avg.

Item 48111 – Hand-Cut Fillet


Manta, Ecuador

Item 48030 – Whole H&G 15-20 lbs. avg.

Item 48028 – Hand-Cut Fillet

Mahi Mahi


Item 48064 – Whole 15-30 lb. avg.

Item 48060 – Hand-Cut Fillet


Nova Scotia

Item 48057 – Whole H&G 40-90 lb. avg.

Item 48052 – Hand-Cut Fillet

Ocean Trout

Loch Etive, Scotland

Item 48163 – Whole 10-12 lb. avg.

Item 48162 – Hand-Cut Fillet


San Diego, California

Item 48034 – Whole 4-6 lb. avg.

Item 48591 – Hand-Cut Fillet

Red Snapper

Itapoa, Brazil from the boat Helen

Item 48119 – Whole 8-15 lb. avg.

Item 48906 – Hand-Cut Fillet

Wild Cat Cove Oysters

Wild Cat Cove is a tiny alcove of water just where Little Skookum Inlet feeds into Totten Inlet. This rich environment imparts a very sweet collard greens flavor with a melon-rind finish.

Item 48753 – 60 count bag

For Seafood questions please call 502-587-1505