Item of the Day – Rendered Duck Fat from Maple Leaf Farms

Rendered Duck Fat

Whether sautéing, baking or making sauces, Maple Leaf Farms All Natural Duck Fat brings unique flavor and texture to every application. Duck fat is a healthier animal fat alternative to butter or pork fat and compares favorably to olive oil in terms of polyunsaturated fats. In addition, duck fat is high in vitamin E and is 40% lower in saturated fats than other meat and poultry fats.

For more than 60 years, Maple Leaf Farms has produced safe, high-quality foods in a thoughtful and responsible manner. Through the years, we have preserved the ideas we were founded upon: contribution to local communities, responsibility for the environment, respect for others and insistence on high quality. Today, our fourth generation family-owned company leads the market with innovative, value-added duck products of superior quality.

Item 00844 – 3/3.5 lb case
Item 39326 – 3.5 lb tub

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