Item of the Day – Select Oyster Gallons

Select Oyster Gallons

Item 48218 – Gallon

Shucked oysters are designated according to size. Standards are the smallest classification of shucked oysters, selects are the middle size grade and counts are the largest. Shucked oysters are one of  our most popular products. Our shucked product is a wild caught Chesapeake Bay oyster where the meat is shucked from the shell.  Oysters are packed in their own liquor which is necessary for most recipes requiring oysters. Our shucked oysters are hand shucked daily and packed in gallons. Shucked oysters will have 10 -14 day refrigerated shelf life upon receipt. Selects are the middle classification of shucked oysters and are the most popular of all the sizes. Select size oysters are the most versatile size oyster that are used in most recipes. They can be stewed, fried, baked or just eaten out of the container.

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