Item of the Day – Lane Snapper

Lane Snapper

Item 48178 Whole 4-6 lb avg

Item 48116 Fillet

Lane Snapper has delicate flesh with a delicate flavor. The flesh is near white with darker areas just under the skin, but these do not have a strong taste.
James Beard Foundation - Smart Catch

We are pleased to partner with the James Beard Foundation on their latest initiative in helping chefs source sustainable seafood.  Their program Smart Catch helps chefs know that they are partnering and sourcing responsibly for their guests.

About #SmartCatch

The Smart Catch program provides training and support to chefs so they can serve seafood fished or farmed in environmentally-responsible ways. By becoming a Smart Catch Leader and earning the Smart Catch seal, chefs give consumers a simple way to identify and support their restaurants.

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