Produce Market Report for October 22, 2021

Peeled Garlic Alert! Supply issues domestically and import issues are causing an extreme market for peeled garlic. Expect to see high prices (around $150/case) in the week ahead. Shorts and prorates are likely.

Mushrooms: Extreme market for all mushrooms, esp. cremini and oyster. Expect shortages through the end of the year.

  • Apples: Steady
  • Asparagus: Coming down
  • Avocados: Steady
  • Bananas: Steady
  • Broccoli: Remains very high, shorts and lower quality continues
  • Cauliflower: Up $6
  • Celery: Steady
  • Corn: Remains tight and higher price
  • Cucumbers: Steady
  • Grapes: Steady
  • Lemons: Steady
  • Lettuce: All lettuce products are way up in price!
  • Limes: Steady
  • Melons: Honeydew remain higher
  • Onions: Steady. We are NOT affected by the current onion recall.
  • Peppers: Red peppers remain stronger
  • Potatoes: Stabilizing
  • Shallots: Very high
  • Squash: Steady
  • Strawberries: Steady
  • Tomatoes: Remain higher