Rishi Tea & Botanicals

Rishi Tea was founded on the commitment to set the standard for quality and expand the awareness of tea and its rich, inspirational tradition. We offer premium tea and botanicals imported directly from gardens across the world. We draw inspiration from ancient artisanal practices that use organic cultivation techniques as well as modern culinary innovation. From our modest beginnings over twenty years ago to becoming an established leader in the specialty tea market, our mission has never wavered.

Sweet Matcha

from Rishi Tea

Item 03566 – 1 kilo bag

Yerba Mate

from Rishi Tea

Item 99536 – 1 lb. bag

Peach Blossom

from Rishi Tea

Item 99532 – 1 lb. bag

Tangerine Ginger

From Rishi Tea

Item 99524 – 1 lb. bag

Maghreb Mint Green

from Rishi Tea

Item 99526 – 1 lb. bag

Masala Chai

from Rishi Tea

Item 99565 – 1 lb. bag

Jasmine Pearl

from Rishi Tea

Item 99530 – 1/2 lb. bag

Jasmine Green

from Rishi Tea

Item 99579 – 1 lb. bag

Green Sencha

from Rishi Tea

Item 99529 – 1/2 lb. bag

Ginger Lime Rooibos

from Rishi Tea

Item 97891 – 1 lb. bag

Earl Grey

from Rishi Tea

Item 99527 – 1 lb. bag

China Breakfast

from Rishi Tea

Item 99528 – 1 lb. bag

Item #Product DescriptionPack Size
Rishi Tea
99651Tea – Chamomile Medley50 ct
99633Tea – Blubry Hibiscus Bag Rish50 ct
99634Tea – Earl Grey Blk Bag Rishi50 ct
99650Tea – Jade Cloud Bag Rishi50 ct
99636Tea – Jasmine Bag Rishi50 ct
99525Tea – Blueberry Rooibos Rishi1 lb bag
04648Tea – Butterfly Peaflower Rish100 gm
99348Tea – Chai Rishi Liquid Concen12/32 oz
99528Tea – China Breakfast Rishi1 lb bag
99527Tea – Earl Grey Black Rishi1 lb bag
03190Tea – English Brkfst Rishi50 ct
99326Tea – Filter Tea Loose Rishi100 ct
97891Tea – Ginger Lime Rooibo Rishi1 lb bag
99529Tea – Green Sencha Rishi1/2 lb bag
99580Tea – Iced Classic Blk Rishi24/3 gal
97990Tea – Iced Classic Black Rishi24/1 gal
97974Tea – Iced Summer Lemon Rishi24/1 gal
99531Tea – Iron Goddess Mercy Rishi1 lb bag
99579Tea – Jasmine Green Rishi1 lb bag
99530Tea – Jasmine Pearl Rishi1/2 lb bag
99565Tea – Loose Masala Chai Rishi1 lb bag
99526Tea – Maghreb Mint Green Rishi1 lb bag
99532Tea – Peach Blossom Rishi1 lb bag
03566Tea – Sweet Matcha Rishi1 kilo bag
99524Tea – Tangerine Ginger Rishi1 lb bag
99536Tea – Yerba Mate Rishi1 lb bag

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