Item of the Day: White Chocolate Pistoles from Cacao Noel

30% White Chocolate Pistoles

Cacao Noel’s Pistoles are small, thin, and flat discs of solid chocolate perfect for baking applications. Easy to weight out and measure, they allow for fast, easy melting and simple tempering. Melt in bain marie or in the microwave, and use for molding, dipping, enrobing and decoration. Made from fine cacao beans from all over the world, our Noel line of baking chocolate is made with both the professional and home baker in mind. The quality of the chocolate is superb, and the products are designed to make baking a breeze. Used in hotels, restaurants and homes, worldwide.

White Noel Blanc is a fine white chocolate couverture made with cocoa butter. The shape and size of the chocolate buttons allows for easy weighing, fast, even melting, and simple tempering.

Item 92126 – 11 lbs. case