Item of the Day: Kenny’s Cheese Curds

Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese Curds

All of that time you spend driving to Wisconsin is now in vain. We make your favorite snackable, poppable, meltable fresh cheese curds. The kind gentleman who installed some equipment in our creamery when we were developing the curds, a Wisconsinite, loved them so much he shipped some home to his family. You will see these mostly in restaurants around Louisville, Lexington and Nashville, and when we can we make it available in small bags for retail. Curds are the fresh version of cheddar, and if you eat them straight out of the vat they have the famous “squeak” that people associate with the curd experience. Try popping them in the microwave for 5 seconds or so to return the squeak.

Item 97432 – 3 lb. pack