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From Kelly Probst / Director of Seafood Purchasing for Boat Direct:

“Spent this past week with a number of mongers on the California coast. Well, what else am I going to do when Hurricanes have messed up our Atlantic side fishing so much?!? Hunt the US for cool, unique line caught fish to bring back home!”

“Encinitas has a special place in my heart. Grew up there, Surfed D Street for surf PE in high school and that’s where my love for fish was spawned. Fish are so cool! It is such a pleasure to work with you guys and to see how you treat such amazing creatures with so much respect as they deserve.”





Baja, California

Item 66541 Whole 2-4 lb avg

Item 03476 – Fillet








Yellowedge Grouper

Item 71154 Whole 10-20 lb avg

Item 03379 Fillet
















American Red Snapper

Item 71271 Whole H&G 8-12 lb avg

Item 03386 Fillet















Mako Shark


Item 71215 Whole (No Head or Fins)  40-60 lb avg

Item 03726 Fillet 














California Yellowtail

Item 71105 – 10-15 lb avg

Item 03726 – Fillet











Item 48034 Whole 4-6 lb avg

Item 48591 Fillet








Mahi Mahi


Item 48064 – 15-30 lb avg

Item 48060 – Fillet








Monkfish Tails

Item 03468

Item 03470 – Fillet









Pacific Halibut

Item 04584 Whole H&G 10-20 lb avg

Item 04585 Fillet 3-6 lb avg







Item 48071 1-2 lb avg














10/15 ct Whole Royal Red Shrimp


Item 71209  Frozen 10 lb bag  








EZ Peel 16/20 White Shrimp

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Item 71232 – 10 lb bag Frozen









Miyagi Oysters

Puget Sound, Washington

Item 49183 – 60 count bag










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