Item of the Day – Acquerello Rice

Acquerello Rice

Item 95933 – 2.5 kg bag
Acquerello carnaroli rice is grown using a crop rotation system. It is the only rice variety sown on the farm, thus eliminating thr possibility of inadvertent hybridization with other varieties. After the harvest, the unhulled grains of Acquerello Carnaroli are aged for one year in Colombara’s temperature controlled silos. This process renders starch, proteins and vitamins less water-soluble, improving the consistency of the grains and enabling them to absorb more cooking liquid. When cooked, the grains become larger, firmer, do not stick together and taste better. After the aging process, the rice is refined and “whitened”. For this step in the transformation prosess “the screw” (a machine invented in 1975) is still regarded the best for the job, and is by no means the most economical. In this machine, the rice spirals slowly downwards, gently rubbing grain against grain, maintaining the nutritional values which can be easily lost with other bleaching methods. At the end of the process, Acquerello rice is perfectly polished honey color.

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