The Butchery Specials for June!

The Temperature is Going Up and the Prices are Going Down, So Get it While its Hot!!



Butchery Brand Bratwurst

Item 42000-40/4 oz case

$29.95 per case







Prime Beef Tenderloin

Item 05464-5 lb Up Avg.

$13.99 per lb Each







Freedom Run Farms Lamb Foreshanks

Item 62514 – 4 ct. case

$6,95 per lb









Freedom Run Farms Lamb Sliders

Item 49980-60/2 oz 

$60 per case ($1.00 each)






Butchery Brand Mexican Chorizo Links

Item 00717-40/4 oz 

$29.95 per case








Creekstone Farms Chef Table Select Lipon Ribeyes

Item 00161-5/12 lb case 

$7.59 per lb





Steak Ready Center Cut Beef Striploins

Item 04467-5-6 lb case

$10.99 per lb







All Center Cut Choice Strips

Butchery Brand Only 

Item 00615-12/10 oz

Item 00616-10 oz each

Item 00618-12 oz each

Item 01067-14/12 oz

Item 01069-14/14 oz

Item 05631-16 oz each

Item 05633-6 oz Each

All $13.99 per lb




Beef Banquet Filets

Item 01110-30/6 oz case

Item 01111 – 30/7 oz case

$18.95 per lb