In today’s globalized world, where products from around the world are readily available at our fingertips, it’s easy to overlook the significance of supporting local producers, especially when it comes to fresh produce. However, by prioritizing local sourcing, we not only embrace the unique flavors and freshness of our own regions but also foster a strong sense of community and sustainability.

Building Relationships with Local Farmers & Producers

In the heart of the Midwest, What Chefs Want has found a remarkable partnership with the Mennonite community farmers from Scottsville, KY. Hand-picking a wide variety of locally grown produce, the Hoover family behind H & H Farms provides What Chefs Want with more than 16 different types of produce. This collaboration not only showcases the remarkable diversity of our region but also highlights the vital role that local producers play in nourishing and enriching our communities.

In June, some of our What Chefs Want team members had the opportunity to visit with the Hoover family of H & H Farms. They enjoyed a gorgeous day on the farm, complete with a tour on a wagon pulled by draft horses, past fields of squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and watermelon. Our team was invited to eat lunch with the Hoover family in their home as we learned more about their family and the incredibly hard work that goes into producing the crops that go from their local farm to your tables.

Working with local farmers has many advantages for both the farmers and our business. H & H Farms will adjust their crops based on our needs, so when we saw a demand for more watermelon last year from our customers, they adjusted to grow more watermelon for us. They pick squash blossoms twice a week for us very early on the mornings that our truck is scheduled to pick up from them. This “right out of the field and onto our truck” dynamic is only made possible by working closely with local farms.

In addition to H & H Farms, the Scottsville, KY area is also home to the Miller family, who grow exquisite heirloom tomatoes. The Millers specifically cultivate and grow special varieties of their tomatoes to get specific colors, tastes and shapes. The family who produces Spring Valley Farms jams is just down the road as well.

Local Opportunities in Every Region

These are just a few of the MANY local producers that we partner with across the country. What Chefs Want works with local producers across all our different regions to provide our customers with fresh, local and seasonal produce.

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