Kombucha from Muse + Metta

Kombucha is a fermented drink with billions of probiotic living organisms that aid in digestion and immune support. Muse & Metta Kombucha consists of pure water, whole-leaf tea varieties, cane sugar, kombucha scoby, and various organic herbs and spices. Many people who enjoy kombucha tea on a regular basis feel energized and healthy from the inside out.

Muse and Metta: Brewed and founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we believe food can feed us both physically and creatively. Brewed with fruits, flowers and herbs harvested at their peak of freshness, we dance with the muse to create inspired recipes that highlight our passion for conscious craft and connection. For more information check out the Muse + Metta website.

Mango Chili Saffron

Inspired by tropical beach days, fruteras with ripe mangos and fragrant chili. An ode to flavors of the Yucatan.

Item 04773 – 20/ 8 oz. case

Nettle Lemon Ginger

Bright yellow lemons, rich green herbs – our take on a sparkling, medicinal lemonade.

Item 04772 – 20/ 8 oz. case


Pure, simple, effervescent,”..to be simple is to be great.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Item 04774 – 20/ 8 oz. case

Peach Yarrow

Yarrow’s bright, floral notes dance with the sweetness of ripe peaches to create a truly vibrant sip – our tribute to the fruits and flowers of summer.

Item 04775 – 20/ 8 oz. case

Pineapple Holy Basil Moringa

Sun-sweetened pineapple married with nourishing herbs. To promote balance and vitality.

Item 04776 – 20/ 8 oz. case