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From Kelly Probst / Director of Seafood Purchasing for Boat Direct:

“Spent this past week with a number of mongers on the California coast. Well, what else am I going to do when Hurricanes have messed up our Atlantic side fishing so much?!? Hunt the US for cool, unique line caught fish to bring back home!”

“Encinitas has a special place in my heart. Grew up there, Surfed D Street for surf PE in high school and that’s where my love for fish was spawned. Fish are so cool! It is such a pleasure to work with you guys and to see how you treat such amazing creatures with so much respect as they deserve.”


Stone Crab Claws

Item 71246 – Large 4-6 per pound

Item 03768 – Medium 6-8 per pound














Baja, California

Item 66541 Whole 2-4 lb avg

Item 03476 – Fillet







Pargo Snapper

Sea of Cortez

Item 71176 Whole 4-6 lb avg

Item 10888 Fillet










Head On Swordfish

St. Petersburg, Florida

Item 71250 Whole 35 lb avg

Item 71249 Loin









Big Eye Tuna

San Diego, California

Item 71114 Whole 25 lb avg

Item 71268 Loins 










California Yellowtail

Item 71105 – 10-15 lb avg

Item 03726 – Fillet











Item 48034 Whole 4-6 lb avg

Item 48591 Fillet








Mahi Mahi


Item 48064 – 15-30 lb avg

Item 48060 – Fillet








Lion Fish

Ponce Inlet, Florida

Item 71276 Whole .75 – 1 lb avg.









Pacific Halibut

Oregon Coast

Item 04584 Whole H&G 10-20 lb avg

Item 04585 Fillet 3-6 lb avg







Vermilion Snapper

St. Augustine, Florida

Item 71260 1-2 lb avg

Item 71261 – Fillet








10/15 ct Whole Royal Red Shrimp


Item 71209  Frozen 10 lb bag  








EZ Peel 16/20 White Shrimp

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Item 71232 – 10 lb bag Frozen










Ichiban Oysters

North Puget Sound, Washington

Item 48848 – 60 count bag










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